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June 27, 2022, 07:00:29 AM


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New to Mxb and looking for tips!

Started by KingTyler77, November 07, 2021, 06:46:59 AM

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So I'm new to sim Mx racing so as you can probably guess I crash like 6 times a lap.lol any help would be greatly appreciated! Also how long did it take you guys for the game to "click" and you started getting faster?


just ride bro have fun. mess with advanced settings before bike settings
"hole-shot, pin-it, knock everybody down, go through the second corner, come out in front" -TP199


If you've only played arcade MX games previously MXB will be frustrating at first.  However, there's no satisfying feeling than running your 1st clean lap:).  Then it's gets addicting trying to beat that ghost lap.  My suggestion would be to search for "MX Bikes Beginner" on YouTube.  There are some excellent tutorial videos that will explain how to setup your controls (a MUST) and provide riding tips.

Start out on the easiest tracks and run as many laps as it takes until you can get around without going down.  Eventually you will get a feel for where you can increase your pace in each section.
Start out on the Practice Track, then Forest and finally MXB Club in that order.  Give it a couple hours daily for a week and you should show major progress.  Best tip I can give is "Less is more", this can be applied to bike/rider lean, throttle/brake input.