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PLEASE HELP! Controller Config changed on me and now i cant change it back

Started by coopnick, December 08, 2021, 10:10:35 AM

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Hi, so my in game control settings have changed on me and now i cannot change them back.

I lost all throttle and lean, every time i try to change it back it will not allow me too, its like the button is not registering.
I bought a new controller and cord hoping that would fix the issue but to my disappointment it was still the same. I have tried searching for an answer online but still no luck.

I have played this game for over a year with no dramas like this happening at all, its weird this just happened out of no where.

Please Help



do the controllers work fine in other games? if they do, try to recalibrate ingame. if they dont work in other games then it might help to recalibrate your controller in windows or reinstall the controller's drivers. only other thought i have is that maybe steam's big picture support is messing with it, you can try to disable or reset the configuration to default