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August 20, 2022, 05:10:06 AM


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Stuck on Syncing Race Data when joining servers

Started by smithman, February 05, 2022, 07:10:56 AM

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My game is getting hung up on the race data sync when joining servers. Also crash to desktop sometimes when joining servers. 500 hours in this game never experienced a ctd until b17. I assume its a mod issue but im only using the patched maxxis tire mod, insanes wind noise mod and oem bike packs.

The game will say "syncing" "race data" and then quickly flashes "terrain deformation data" and flashes that over and over and i can see the numbers next to terrain deformation data increasing and it thinks its making progress but its like it keeps resetting the terrain deformation data and reloading over and over while im trying to join a server. Its weird and hard to explain. Not every server but a massive majority. Even dedicated servers with low ping.



Yea I would really love to know what the cause of this issue is. Every server I try to join does this now! Cant play anymore bikes until a fix. Ive tried just about everything I know to do.




Same thing for me as well. Also I never had any issues with the game crashing but when i try to join servers now, it crashes about half of the time. Pretty frustrating


Same here. I just let it go and went and made lunch, came back 20 min later, and it's still syncing race data. This is ridiculous. And no response from the creators.