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For the love of god, can someone help me figure out why I can't join servers?

Started by nathanmiles, May 20, 2022, 10:49:11 PM

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I've spent the last two months of "playing" MXB trying to figure out why I can't join any servers. Since B17 I have been absolutely baffled with how inconsistent getting into or even hosting a server is. None of my friends can figure out how to consistently join servers either. About once every 25 times I can successfully join a server, the other time is spent with bike mismatches, error, stuck in
"waiting", or just straight up hard crashing. Today I've spent the last hour hard crashing and racking my brain with what it could be.

I have no skins downloaded, I have deleted and reinstalled the most updated OEM pack multiple times, tried with and without tire mods and their updates, and still nothing.

What am I missing? Are the servers just this garbage after B17?


Hi, please watch this tutorial i will post the link below for this simple fix im not sure if you will see this message but this is a simple fix and it helped me.

Post the link into your browser and follow the tutorial



Tried this step by step, Still having bike mismatch issues. Not sure whats going on