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Direct dab or not??

Started by BCROOM45, July 27, 2022, 06:10:36 AM

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What is you all's view on direct dab vs not direct??? In previous dirt-bike games, I've always used indirect dab, but I've seen advantages in direct dab from other players in the past. Being that I'm starting to play this new game, I'm torn whether I should learn it with my usual method of indirect dab or whether I should try to force myself to learn how to play with direct dab.

My controller setup is based entirely off of reflex, so my usual ways (using indirect dab) my dab button has been the (x) button on an Xbox controller. (press it once to sit and hit it again  to stand back up)

Ive been experimenting with making the direct dab pressing the right joystick like a button but I've found that the button is kind of hard for me to press and hold on my controller while also controlling the body movement of the rider at the same time in the turns..


Thanks guys,

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I thought auto dab was on or off, and sit has the "direct" option. Direct, at least with the sit, means weather you have to hold the button to continue sitting or if the rider will stand again once you release the button.
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What is direct dab set to default?  I don't think my rider has ever done that.