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Weird skipping in 1st person view ?

Started by HornetMaX, March 17, 2015, 09:16:39 PM

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Not sure it's a bug.

Was just circling in the pit are of the practice track when I noticed that in 1st person view (both views) there's some skipping / jerkiness happening, never noticed before. It doesn't seem to happen in 3rd person view.

In the video below, I start from the pit pointing north (let's say) and I circle to the left. Each time I read the west-most point (9h on a clock) there's some skipping. Check at seconds 0:09-0:10, 0:18-0:19,  ...


Anyone has the same issue ?




Ive noticed something like that on the practice track. I could swear it happened a few times in same corner now that I think about it. Will have to pay attention now. Always thought it was a physics lag of some sort (old laptop) because I would be coming out of a turn and front wheel would glitch a bit as Im correcting the bike with the small breaking bumps.