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Possible Bug with Audio

Started by GhostRyder225, November 24, 2022, 09:19:23 PM

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I recently updated to windows 11 from windows 10 and now when I play the game the 3D audio is different in a hard to explain way but I will do my best. Normally if you was to look left or right or someone your playing with is in near you hear in that direction, Now when I am going straight and hard accelerating the bike sounds far away from me and when I go through a corner the sound of the bike goes away like it's in the distance. Also when I whip or do something that puts the exhaust closer to me the engine gets louder which it did before all this but not as loud and when I wreck the sound of the crash and engine are very pronounced. I don't know if this is an actual bug or if it has to do with me moving to windows 11, I have searched within windows and in game settings with no findings. Also I have tried other games and mx bikes is the only one that does this so If anyone can help me I would really appreciate it thanks.


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Windows 11 sound works ok for me in MXB. Are your speakers setup correctly regarding surround and centre speakers etc.? You could also try removing the file soft_oal.dll from your install directory to use the alternative sound option, OpenAL.
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Thanks for the reply but I got it figured out.


Quote from: GhostRyder225 on November 28, 2022, 07:15:57 PMThanks for the reply but I got it figured out.

was that Windows 11 update worth it? just got asked today and declined it.