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Show us your dirt.....

Started by teeds, January 22, 2015, 01:45:53 PM

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... covered and filthy MX bikes. This is not for shiny sparkling clean bikes but pics of how they look before you clean them, it must be yours and not some random pic from the interweb. Kudos to the person posting a pic that shows the least amount of original bike colour.....

I'll kick off with a fairly grubby example, green and blue is still showing all over, so I have plenty of room for improvement ;)

The mud featured was collected from a place called "Hit the dirt" near Swaffham, Norfolk. The day was a slop fest and by the end of it I had completely worn down to the metal a brand new set of rear brake pads  :o
"Damn dirt bikers!" - Bubba


awesome teeds! i'll see what i can dig out!
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My bike when I was living in the US, 2007 KTM 250 XCF W

Pics took by a friend of mine during our weekly session.


Not bad Ice with your action pics  :P I recommend riding with others to get that fender and the like to turn a different colour ;)  lol  Keep em coming....
"Damn dirt bikers!" - Bubba