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Trying to sort tyre mismatch, a saga

Started by chickenkebabs, December 23, 2022, 09:58:40 PM

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I've been struggling with this for ages. I've now got it so the Dunlop tyres show up in game, but if I select them the game instantly crashes when I go to track. I I use the default tyre, no problems.
If I try to join an online game I get tyre mismatch.
I've hit a wall, any ideas?


So, the Dunlop tyres show up. But I can only use mid soft, I I try one of the other tyres, Insta crash.


Did you get all the tyres files from the latest OEM pack?
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Hi thanks for getting back to me.
I've got the 17.2 oem patch only.
Have put the Dunlop file in the tyres folder.
There's a patch files folder also, not sure what to do with that.