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April 23, 2024, 11:32:42 PM


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VR Gameplay Issues.

Started by wattdigger, January 24, 2023, 02:56:07 PM

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When playing in VR thru SteamVR on the Meta Quest 2 the ground plane is pitched up, so for you to be looking parallel with the ground you have to look upwards, not straight ahead. This causes MASSIVE motion sickness & headaches.

Is there any way to remove/change pitch from the default config? It seems almost as if the default VR view has the same pitch angle as dynamic first person camera. I believe changing this and allowing people to adjust their pitch/lock to VR Headset pitch would make VR more playable.

I can only play for a MAX of 30 minutes at a time before getting ill and I'm fully used to running around in VR for hours. Any help with this issue would be amazing, no other game comes close to the feeling of riding a dirtbike as MXB in VR and this would take it next level.


I've tried looking up and hitting the "Reset VR" button and I've also tried looking down and resetting the view. My nausea seems to come from the FOV being too narrow. It seems like I need to zoom out a little more for it to not feel like I'm looking through binoculars. Try the view reset while looking up or down to see if that helps.
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I've tried that already and it really only raised my rider's view/ head position and lowered it. I bet if the devs could unlock the FOV controls, (pitch, tilt, and FOV) we could fine tune it and get it much better.
As far as your issue, you should be able to goto either the SteamVR.ini or the OpenVR.ini in your MXB root folder and change the scale to adjust the zoom issue. I think I run 1.1 or 1.2 scale. Definitely try that.
But after fixing that, the main thing I notice in VR is the ground not being at the same angle as the ground in real life. Without a doubt that's my issue, I load into the game and have to look up probably 15-20 degrees to be looking parallel with the ground it feels like.


Agreed. I have to go into 2D mode and crank the FOV all the way to max and it still seems maybe 10-15 degrees off from being what I would like. I tried changing it in the .ini but it didn't affect it. Hope PiBoSo opens up the max value to about 20 degrees higher.
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