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Controller not responding/losing settings

Started by GDUBMX, May 06, 2015, 09:47:32 PM

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Since the release of Beta 3 i personally have randomly been suffering with the game acting weird, i start a race and  my bike will be stuck in neutral revving its nuts off while the controller is completely unresponsive, im forced to shut the game restart my PC and enter my control settings again to get the game to work. It happens every other time i play the game, never had an issue with B2. Ive tried a reinstall but it still happens. anyone else suffering with similar issues perhaps?
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I do have the same issue but i thinks it's because I'm also using my controller in GTA V sometime.
I need to reapply in my controller settings in windows etc to be able to assign again all my MXB setting


im having this issue aswell I only play mxsim and mxbikes due to shitty pc hahahha and ive only been playing mxbikes and since beta 3 ive had the bike rev its nuts off and it resets every thing in setting controller scheme graphics everything and I have to keep putting it in  :'(
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Sorry dude, never got a fix. Just have to put up with it for now. :)
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