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Getting to know the community

Started by onlyonetone, March 20, 2014, 01:07:40 AM

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I don't like to post new threads especially in a fresh forum. But with that being said I'd like to get to know the community here.

A chance to tell the community about yourself, what you do in real life, what games you play, any skills you may have that could benefit this game, etc etc etc.

Name is Tony. I'm 24 from Louisville, ky. I don't ride as much as I'd like to but I do skate a lot. Also play basketball a lot.

I play a a bunch of other Sims including GP, MXS, LFS, rFactor, some flight Sims. Still play the old mva titles as well. Also play NBA 2k14.

I have some modeling and skinning experience and quite a bit of coding experience.

sorry if you don't like this topic. Just thought it'd be a good idea.

Now, share away!


My name is Kasey, I'm 17 years old. I really prefer strategic, slow paced games such as the Total War series and games like Banished.
I race harescrambles in real life every weekend. I currently race A class and am leading the points thus far.
Tried teaching my self how to skin and everything turned out bad so I gave up. Yup..


Me and onlyonetone are lost long twin brothers I'm thinking.

Names Chris, 24 from Tx, and been riding since I was three. Don't get to ride as often anymore either but I just bought myself a 2013 yz 125 last year that I'm in love with. I also skateboard and did skate very actively for 10 years but I also don't get to skate as much now. My fun-burglar's name is school. I've started my undergrad in chemistry simply because I'm good at it, and want to be a chemist.

When I'm not being sucked into school and can't ride or skate I'm playing video games almost definitely. I play mostly simulators, primarily MXS. I also play Arma 2 & 3, DCS flight sims, Project Cars and etc.

Only other thing you need to know about me is I watch and study motocross religiously. I'm that guy who gets irate and blacks out from rage if someone argues motocross is easy.


Quote from: uollie on March 20, 2014, 04:01:46 AM
Me and onlyonetone are lost long twin brothers I'm thinking.

Ha. Maybe so. The long lost twins of the south.


I'm Tanner, and I live in Ontario, Canada, and I am 15 y/o in a couple of weeks. Maybe MXB will come out on my birthday :D

I have some photoshop skills, and i like to game on the pc, mostly simulators. Im not a team player, I like sports that are solo and games that are solo. That way, if I succeed or fail, its all me. I like having that responsibility.

IRL I like to snowmobile, and I motocross, although I don't get out as much as I would like. I enjoy snowboarding, mountain biking, any solo sports. I love music, always have. Im never seen without an earbud hanging out of my ear. I also (try to) produce music myself. I love all music, but I mostly listen to anything EDM. Dubstep, Electro, Electro-house, house, progressive house, trap, glitch-hop, chillstep, ambient, etc..


My name is Chris, i'm 17 and I'm from Dayton, Ohio. I play PC Primarily, but my PC sucks so i'm going to get a gaming PC in the future. I play a lot of different types of games, but motocross is by far my favorite. I play MXS, Arma 2, Flight Simulator X, South Park the Stick Of Truth, Plague Inc., and Fallout. I'm secretly in love with the Fallout franchise. I've Played all of the Fallout games, even the ones from the 90's. I race motocross in real life, I've been riding since i was six years old. I just recently moved up to 125's because i'm short and only just started growing. I'm 5'5" ish, so i look a little bit small on a big bike but i'm way too big for little bikes. I have a 2012 YZ125, and i'm planning on trying for lorettas in the years to come. Our local race series here in Ohio starts net weekend and i'm hoping for a podium in the series when it's all through. I'm a really joking guy, and I learn new things really fast. I like a lot of music, really the only music i don't enjoy is lovey dovey country music. Yuck. That's pretty much all you need to know. Oh and i try and throw the sickest whips on any motocross game there is  8)


NSW, Australia
Plumber by trade
2011 KX250f

Been patiently waiting for a title like this since mcm1.


Im Connor im 15 and from far western kentucky and i think chris is my arch enemy. I listen to Country mostly. I listen to some dubstep & pop when im training but other than that its Country. I mostly listen to the king, George Strait but i really like Alan Jackson and other old country singers like that. Im a
Country boy and yea most of yall will call me a redneck but i really dont care. I even type in my accent but ive been really trying to contain my accent on the forums so i seem smarter.

I ride a Yz250f im 5'9

Im not really interested in anything other than motocross. Its been my life since i was 3 and had been racing since i was 6. I raced for 5 years until my dad made me
Quit because it was "too dangerous" however now that i saved up all the momey to pay for my own bike and am starting to show him i will do it without him if he wont support me i think im starting to slowly get to him to let me soon again and regain his support.

So if i get to race again hopefully you all will be hearing about me on the podium at lorrettas  ;D


Seems like we got some pretty diverse members in here. This is what I like to see.

It'd be awesome if we all got to know each other and kept things chill and helpful on here. No cyber bullying, No arguing. Just keeps things simple and help each other out. Try not to go off on each other. To the older dudes, just try to understand there's always going to be younger members. Always. Just be patient with them. As for the younger ones, watch your text tone. Which is a weird thing anyways. Re read your posts before posting them and make sure nothing seems rude. I guess that ones goes for the older guys as well.

Just try to get along and I think we will have a great community here.


Hey my name is Franko, I'm from Queensland, Australia and I'm 7403 days old.

5 Quick Aussie facts:

1) We do infact wait at the kangaroo stop after school, University, work to catch a ride home

2) We love shrimp on the barbie.

3) Only real men wrestle crocodiles #aussieMENdo

4) All we were in australia is; thongs, Singlets, bikinis and hats with corks dangling from it.

5) You can basically say we are all on the Vegemite and cheese diet as this is all we practically eat


How we see the world since this is how you see us

Quote from: onlyonetone on March 22, 2014, 01:39:49 AM
It'd be awesome if we all got to know each other

Come in this teamspeak and we could talk? - halite.typefrag.com:8105 - it's scott woolfords teamspeak, hope he doesnt mind me sharing it  :P

Live by the YOLO - UID #2


Hello, I am a human being with a nose and stuff.


Denis, 34. from place, marked as Angry cunts on MX181`s map.
2004 FJR1300


Karl Midbeck 22 yrs old and im from sweden.

I work with scaffolding, Used to play mxs but gave up because i dont have time.
I've been following the mxb progress since early december and I just hope its worth the wait (been trying GP-bikes out and it's awesome.) so i would expect nothing less then awesomeness with the FINAL product.



Hey my name is Joe Im 22 and from Canada. I just started following MXB but am supper excited! I've been playing MX Simulator since 2007 so I am looking forward to a new game! I also run mxsimpits.net a website related to MX Simualtors. I've added a section for MXB! Super pumped!

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