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TFC's Track Creation Tutorials

Started by 𝖙𝖋𝖈, September 15, 2015, 02:44:47 pm

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September 15, 2015, 02:44:47 pm Last Edit: April 26, 2016, 06:53:53 pm by TheFatController
SketchUp Techniques

SketchUp to heightmap tutorial


SketchUp Basic Geolocation to heightmap tutorial


L3DT Techniques

Jump Tutorial


'Instant' Berms Tutorial (Please ignore spelling mistake in video ;))


Export Mesh for SketchUp (or other 3d application)


Download L3DT Standard Edition Here - Free


Good stuff Fats, one day I'll have ago at getting my head around this track building, seems like good injury entertainment ;) I see this L3DT is free for the standard version, do you use that? Any other software you pay for to build a track?
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Yep I use the free version, it's good to go and allows you to do all the important stuff i.e shape & model, import image & .RAW, export as image & .RAW, and export as .3ds model.

All I currently use is L3DT, Paint program (Gimp / PSP), Sketchup, Sket2FBX (couple of dollars I think) and of course PiBoSo tools.


Looks good, thanks for the tutorial fats!  :)


Updated to add instant berms tutorial


How can you test the size of your jumps... how do you know the scale?
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Trial and error. If you're making a replica track you can import textures to the l3dt terrain.

Also the above methods can be used to make single jumps which can be exported on a blank heightmap to be cut out and used in other tracks using a screen blend mode layer.


Going to ask a possible too bad so sad, in your dreams fella, kind of question..

I'm almost strictly a visual learner with stuff like track building but once I understand it I have a good vision for it. In l3dt it is very easy to auto generate a random terrain.. from here I can sculpt it into a riding play ground and hope to make a ORV type place for mxb some time.

My Question/s:
    (using l3dt)
    • As a "test", can I simply auto generate a terrain and then play it in mxb(even if the surface is to bumpy/garbage?

    • When I do edit and make tracks/trails through out the terrain, is this where layers com in, or is everything like that after the creation process?

    • Any chance you can do a video of your open world snow map from creation and into game play or is this a big feat?

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I don't know about that, I did say in the first post I'd consider making more tutorials if people wanted them, but so far there's not been much request. I wouldn't mind doing an entire track from nothing to game but it would be hours and hours of recording sped up.

1. Yes you can auto generate terrain in L3DT and export it to a RAW file to use with MXB. You can smooth the entire heightmap with a process in L3DT to make it rideable. I've made a huge freeride map this way and for the most part it was fun, but it's hard to get right and I had to generate at least 10 to 15 terrains before I got the result I was looking for.

2. Think of L3DT as a mesh shaper. Layers only come in to play in paint programs really so you can either make single jumps in L3DT (as I did above), export as BMP then use the jump on another track using the screen layer/blend mode*

3. No lol.. No way, I've already made it so that would be difficult. Also, I didn't randomly generate terrain for the snow map, I painted it in PSP.

* Screen Layer - Turns black and any degree of black to alpha, so if you had another heightmap and added a new layer with the 'Screen' blend mode, you get nothing but a clean white jump that will blend nicely and sit on top of your alternative heightmap.


Thx for the info!

       Last question: (for now :P)

If I do make a terrain in l3dt and make trails and tracks throughout the map.. can I then go from there to making it work in game *after the process of terrain/trail/jump building?

or am I wasting time by not doing something before or during sculpting of a orv park?

Hope this makes sense at all, thx man!
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Not sure what you mean.. In L3DT you can do what you like and export as a .RAW (heightmap.raw) to be used in MXB. You can also open RAW files in it so you can reload it to make changes, or keep working from a saved version.

Before I start I normally map out a rough track path and some terrain in a paint program, then smooth the track path and start building jumps.

You can also then get your heightmap image you've made in the paint program and paint the track and offtrack different colours and import it as a texture map, then when editing heightmap in 3d you can view 'textured' so you know better where your stuff is.

Sorry if I've missed the point and no problem :)


Good information u post everytime lol, it will all help.

Maybe a better way to put it.

I would just be sculpting random trails and jumps throughout a random gen map. I would "not be making a track" with a set direction, laps etc. The only thing would be a pit/spawn location of course.

Maybe I'll post some pics/example later to help with my questions.

So if I sculpt a terrain with trails to ride as a "free ride/orv" park, can I do everything else required to move it to mxb "after" the creation of the map/trails
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Yeah.. L3DT is just a means to create a heightmap. Once it's made and exported as raw the rest of the work is done with textures, tracked etc..


April 23, 2016, 06:48:23 pm #13 Last Edit: April 23, 2016, 06:53:26 pm by philiaN
How do i make the measurements?

I want to make the replica of anaheim rd1 2016  so exactly as possible. So, i made a track path in ps.

1025 x 1025

the two longest track sections are 330 pixel

i know from google earth that in my case 60pixel = 20m

so 330pixel would be 110m

in l3dt i would make a blank designable map: 1024 x 1024
but what horiz. scale i have to use?? 1m=1pixel?

do i have just to go with 0.33?
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April 23, 2016, 07:00:17 pm #14 Last Edit: April 23, 2016, 07:03:51 pm by TheFatController
If 1m = 1px then your 1024 map would be 1024 meters.

When I do a scale replica, I use the geolocation service in sketchup to pull the height data for an area. I then check out what scale that area is in google maps and there is another website that can tell you the height (https://www.daftlogic.com/sandbox-google-maps-find-altitude.htm) - For this I pick the spot where the heightmap is darkest, and the spot where it's lightest, and the difference is your height in your hmf and tht. I can then set my track size to the exact size in my hmf and tht, and load my heightmap image into L3DT to work on.

I will normally go for 0.25 horizontal scale and guess the height. This gives me enough to work with knowing that the x y and z are correct for the area, L3DT doesn't determine the size of the heightmap in MXB.. The tht and hmf do.