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Guitars anyone?

Started by Mace-x, December 24, 2015, 03:06:48 AM

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Do I have to watch it and try things on my guitar at the same time? Because then it'll take a lot more than 40 mins, at least for me. My old brain can't handle lots of things anymore. ???


Quote from: Sandbiter on June 02, 2017, 10:19:36 PM
I love the help I get, really helps me a lot!

Trying A/C/G atm. Figuring out different strumming patterns to mix it up and also moving the capo around to change the sound.
What do you mean by 'single note'? I don't really understand that part. I also didn't understand a word from your last sentence about a nice way to help someone learn guitar faster.

I've been looked at some loopers, and i'd love to have one. Does it work with acoustic guitars though? I know it works with electric acoustic, but I have 100% acoustic, nothing electric in it.

Currently I have a metronome app on my smartphone. Sometimes I also use google or some website on the interwebs.
Quote from: NorCal 986 on May 31, 2017, 11:17:22 PM
Here is my band InVerses! Finishing an album and possibly joining the Warped Tour! ;D

Sounds good! I like it. 8)

Ahh.. I didn't realize you are strictly acoustic. The looper won't work.

As far as "a nice way to learn guitar".. I was just saying that I have a way of teaching new players that works really well but requires "in-person" or possible "web camera" if no-lag..but sadly through text messaging, I am unable to do the method.
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I got a cheap Hohner acoustic and a cheap Ibanez lol.

I just play acoustic because im too lazy to plug in the amp and all that.

I have .12 gauge strings on my acoustic and play some of my favorite metal songs on it.


Running Ibanez Prestige series, with them super thin necks.. love the shit out of it! play a bit of everything...
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One of my guitar strings broke.

Any suggestions for a acoustic western dreadnought guitar strings?


Quote from: geofanatec on August 09, 2017, 12:39:52 AM
Personally for me either elixir 80/20 bronze or d'addario ej16-3d phosor bronze
I've no idea how to figure out what strings I want.. I just want to play now haha

I think i'll just go for one of yours. Perhaps Elixir 80/20 bronze. They're a bit cheaper.


August 27, 2017, 10:16:01 PM #81 Last Edit: August 27, 2017, 10:20:01 PM by Sandbiter
I love my new strings, sound great and play great. Gotta get used to them a bit though. They're heavier strings than I used to have.

On the other hand.. I'm stuck again. Not improving a lot, or at all really... Tried some other songs today but they're impossible. I feel like I'm forever stuck with 'I'm yours' from Jason Mraz, and that even without the slides! To be honest my chord changes aren't the best yet on that as well, but I've practiced for months and want to move on now. Looking at how much time I've spent into that, I doubt I'll ever be able to be decent at guitar playing. But I'll keep going and try to make the best out of it.

Been trying to play this one for some weeks as well now:
The chord changes are so hard.. C to Eminor is easy, but Eminor to G is one I can't get consistently. I always place my finger wrong. Perhaps just not the right muscle memory yet, but it's taking long now! haha

Actually wanted to try this one today:
I got stuck when he explained how the F major chord worked.. I can't hold my finger like that, and I'm 100% sure I can't change those chords quick enough. He even says they're easy chords! My balls easy chords! haha

then I went over to this one:
Got stuck on the single finger A chord.. That's one, painful af and secondly that's impossible to quickly change to as well.

I might even take back a step again and focus more on my hand position and probably playing with a metronome (fucking hate that thing). Neither have I watched the video Geo linked before. Will do that as well.

To this date I still love playing guitar. I've had some breaks in between, and I've raged quite some times, but I like it.

Any advice is welcome.



Learning to play using the basics/rudiments is going to benefit all of the songs you try to learn. Learning to play from song tutorials is not a good way. It's like trying to clear a big triple as a way to learn dirtbikes instead of little stuff first.
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I... I... sold some stuff... bought some stuff... argghh.

Unjustifiable impulse buy of a new 7 string. The same one I already have, except not refinished and in a near-perfect state. I was planning on selling the "inferior" one but playing the two... I love them both. I sick it's a disease...

I'll post some side-by side pics once I'm done cleaning them up, tomorrow most likely ;)
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Ma babies...

Ibanez 2027xvv (yes two of them). 7 string, mahogany body, maple net, rosewood fretboard, piezzo. luv dem.
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