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April 15, 2021, 06:51:57 AM


MX Bikes beta15d available! :)


Started by Ashien, January 06, 2016, 09:06:54 PM

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Hey all, as some may have seen I was working on an enduro track, sadly with college starting up again, and my pursuit of the ECEA 2016 championship starting. I wont have much time to put any time into it for awhile, so I was wondering. Will we see any enduro stuff from any of the greats on here?
Singletrack, endurocross, Extreme enduro, BAJA1000 REPLICA :o :o(Fats PLZ Ill pay in FMF Pipes for this) Just was wondering where everyone was with this beautiful discipline?
If needed I can link more than enough video to some of the trail that would look great in-game.
Thanks for reading!
Ride, ride now and ride as fast as you can and dont look back...unless your taunting


I've tried to make an endurocross track, but unfortunately I can't get the collisions to work properly.
On Archview mx park I've made a small enduro trail as well, but I didn't find the motivation to finish that one, it wasn't great anyways.
In Mx simulator I'm working on a masive enduro track with a friend of mine, I don't think it'll ever be finished, but if it will, then I could export it into Mx bikes as well.


Sandbiter, I would love to help on the Sim project, if you are looking for anymore help.
Ride, ride now and ride as fast as you can and dont look back...unless your taunting


I am desperate for enduro/single tracks trails.. lol.   ill pay ha

Sandbiter.. I found your enduro hidden on your track when I first started and rode it a million times but was a pain bc if I wrecked it would reset me to the actual track.
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