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April 21, 2019, 10:22:56 pm


MX Bikes beta10c available! :)

2018 Houston

Started by Yann, October 26, 2018, 06:39:29 pm

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Hi guys

Couple month ago i started to work on this track wich is my first track, i tryed to make it ride like in real life. I almost finished the heightmap the way i wanted it but i figured out that the way i was doing was not really the best way to do (especially to smooth the jumps). Although the track is working pretty good but it's not the best it can be. To optimise it i'd have to completely recreate the heightmap and i don't have the time/will.
This is one of the reasons why i lost the motivation to finish the track.

I also add some objects that i made (except for the stadium) but they are pretty basic and uggly x).

As i said i lost the motivation of making tracks (beacause of a lack of free time mainly).

So i left you the track, the files and the PSD of the heightmap if someone is interested to finish it even if it's already rideable.

Here some pictures of the track:

Track : https://mega.nz/#!GxhUmI6Z!pSykk6JyTtth1g8K3vEAVJEFiDwEvZQ7tg0E_tsEkp8

Track files : https://mega.nz/#!jswAlahS!VqrCt_L_gOhxN57bDh6QZ8RAX9mbgaKelK6HRwGLQ28

Psd of the track's heightmap : https://mega.nz/#!epwWyQwa!OwJnBHEygiJfsOPpWr_oGIgWIclkCLrENQpACmN3fK8

I hope you enjoy the track at least how it is now !


Nice one man. Thanks for the release.  :)

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Thanks for taking the time to learn to do tracks. This one is great, especially considering it's a first one!

So, I have to say I don't like the layout, I found Houston 2018 to be really a stop and go track and those are not my favorites. But your rendering of the track is on point, and almost everything feels "right". Technical, a bit brutal. I really, really like how you did this man. Your berms feel good, almost all jumps feel good. You need to do more (but with a better layout damnit :p). There are a few minor things that I think would make the track go from "really good" to "excellent":

- the sand section could use a few small ruts, so they dig more when you ride on predefined positions. Right now there is no choice, it's hit the outside berm and aim for the inside bump.
- the 180 after the "flat" sections need a hard tough block at their inside with a tight checkpoint gate, otherwise online racing will be punt-land (you can cheat by keeping non collidable bales but adding a dirt mound under it so it's not too brutal).
- the jump/wall before the long rhythm (not the red one, the white one) feels a bit clunky. I think the shape is right and it might be the game suspensions though.

Overall, loving it. Do more!
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7aroca gil

Very good circuit, I am having a lot of fun, here is the link to a video where you can see the circuit. THANKS YANN!!


very similar to real one with few small (very small actually!) differences. with TFC's anaheim 2018 - just another good addition to 2018 AMA SX line for MX Bikes. really enjoying the track the whole day today. thanks a lot!