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MX Bikes beta14e available! :)

Demo crashes

Started by Gummy951, March 23, 2016, 06:23:33 AM

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When I try to open the beta 4 it goes to a black screen and then comes up saying a error has occurred, my of is pretty new and has a lot of upgraded parts it runs a lot of games without any problem


Welcome Gummy. Might help if you give us the error info and post up your pc specs etc. Also make sure all your drivers, especially video drivers, are up to date.

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here is the specs. all my drivers are up to date and when i open the game it goes to a black screen and then says mxbikes.exe has stopped working. I am able to run games like mx sim and the division without any issue.


Those specs look more than fine, can't see what video card you have though?
Also go to your documents folder and delete the "Piboso" folder if it one is there and try again.
If that doesn't help, I would also suggest re-downloading the game installer in case it's corrupt and re-install it into an alternative folder from the first (or just delete the first one).

Failing that, as we know the game works in Windows 10, it must be something on your pc is interfering with the games installation or execution, like Anti Virus for instance.
"Damn dirt bikers!" - Bubba


So I got it to start but when I go to set up my controller I can only pick one direction with the controller


First make the calibration, for Leaning you only need to set the left Lean on your Controller

Alex Scros


I have a simular problem. I even wrote an email to the mxbikes-support, but my patients isnt that high  :-[

I downloaded the new beta6-demo. when im starting the game ive to login. i type my nickname ad press on the demo-button. from that point its frozen and windows tells me its not working...
i even tried without a nickname...doesnt work
i deleted the piboso folder...doesnt work

pc Specs

hopefully somebody has an good idea ;)