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May 28, 2024, 03:34:40 AM


MX Bikes beta18j available! :)

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Tracks / Re: Ducky MX Track Release
September 16, 2023, 09:03:38 AM
.... I apologize for any horrible grammar, this was way longer than I intended it to be and I am tired and just want to go spin some laps on the Goat Farm, so epic it is, if I make it as I am so beat from work.  So lease accept my most sincere apologies for my horrific grammar. Cheers!....

   When a kook tries to come into a communities forum and discredit one of the biggest and most contributing creators to the MX Bikes scene and is a big part of why this community has not died off yet.  I was rubbing my eyes and doing a double take to make sure my eyes were not lying to me because I am getting old and my eyes have failed me before, but empathy for this  God and how foolish he made himself look gave me that feeling I hate, its that cringe feeling.  I just wish everyone would think things through and research someone before they start cutting them down.  I think its awesome that he believes in his track creating skills but I pray he learns to humble himself because you can always get better but when you think you are the greatest, its almost impossible to get any better or raise the bar, because that is what  people like Niko Mouk, TFC, JV (who is an elite when it comes to track quality) and he is the most humble and modest creator, I bet JV is his harshest critic which allows him to experiment and find better tricks and ways of creating the the tracks of only the upmost quality. 

Scrallex.... I really hope you learn a valuable lesson as failure and let down is how the greats became so great.  You are better than me at creating tracks but I am going to really try and create something one day JV will be proud of and you as well.  If you like this game and community, my advice and opinion is that you get rid of the toxic behavior of putting others down, that is how you make enemies not friends and these guys you want on your side. I hope you continue to make tracks and you have that fire and drive to be a to creator like some of these guys, you will notice they don't think they are the MX Game Gods chosen one, not even close, nobody wants to be around people like that.  Make friends and give them constructive criticism but also be able to receive it as well.  There is a healthy way to have this discussion or debate if you so choose. There aren't many that can create ridable tracks, so I commend you for that, but there is a much more positive and constructive way you could have handled it and also be your own harshest critic, you will see that people will be much more open to you if you do so.
General Discussion / Re: Engine Tuning Tool
September 16, 2023, 08:23:45 AM
Quote from: Buck3ts41 on June 12, 2023, 10:42:47 AMSo some time ago i was able to download an engine tuning tool from the mxb website, but now they removed it. If someone still have it can please post it here?

here you go bud, sorry so late, I never get on here. If you search the forum about EngineEd, BikeEd, ect., there is a post about how these programs and how to setup your own blender model and setup the suspension and everything.  Its an old one though, but it will at least give you an idea of where to start.

Good luck to you on you journey to this unknown, nah but have fun and learn.  8)

Tracks / Re: Upcoming Texas tracks
January 26, 2023, 12:02:06 AM
Quote from: Rockchalice3875KTM on May 04, 2021, 07:31:11 AM1. River Valley Mx
2. Desoto Motorsports park
3. Johnsonville Mx
4. 3 palms Mx
5. Oak hill Mx(my favorite)
6. South central Mx
7. Spring valley Mx
8. Swan Mx
If any Texas Mxb riders have any other track needed to made please comment.

I have a few, but I am old school.

1. Lake Whitney
2. Fort Hood
3. Cross Creek
4. Lakeside Mx
5. I like the old original VP (or Cycle Ranch mx) before they started rolling out the jumps and filling them in and making it over safe.
6. RPMx (which closed for many years, and I believe it just opened back up under the name Murphy's Mx which is I believe Harley Murphy's family who was ridiculously fast as well.

If you know Texas MX History, then you should know these tracks. I also raced quite a few Supercross Amateur days and some Arenacross' like there was one world one in the Alamo Dome when it was still pretty new stadium.

Thanks for letting me chime in boys,
Tracks / Re: USGP of Motocross @ Carlsbad Raceway
January 06, 2023, 02:33:28 AM
Quote from: kawirider276 on January 02, 2023, 05:37:49 PMSmall update,  I know I know its been a while.  I spent most of the summer away from a computer so any work I was doing came to a screeching halt,  by about November I had time to start working again and with a fresh set of eyes and a bit more knowledge, I needed to make some changes there are a lot of things wrong with this track yet.
Some things I am working on
-Reducing the amount of layers (there are 14)  I have to redo all the layer makes in a new way to help reduce that down to around 5-8
-A lot the objects were made very quick and with little knowledge of blender and object optimization that need to be re worked and some even redone all together. 
-I have been doing a lot of work on much smaller projects (backyard supercross tracks and such)  to learn new ways to achieve the play-ability that the best tracks have in this game (making ruts and using Photoshop for better precision).
-I have also learned a lot more involving the normal and spec maps that just kept confusing me before,  so there's a whole bunch of things I need to go back and check with textures.

I want to make sure this isn't just some piece of eye candy but actually a track people want to spend time racing each other on,  keeping some of the amazing history of our sport alive.

I appreciate the interest in the track immensely, it truly started as just a personal project to get back into tack-making as I loved doing as a kid and has really kind of blown my mind that people are into the old school as much as I am!

Thank you all,

This thing is coming I swear!
P.S. I can't wait till ya'll see what I got cooking up next  ;)

There he is!! SO what are the chances of a track like me and rider like what you created and teased us with like of having a you know... braaaaap brap brap it up?  And I dont want to hear that one and a million talk, because I have been lead on with that banter before....  Nah, but all jokes aside, glad we were able to get you to come back and give this project the attention it needs to be able to leave the nest and fly free  on to the MXB-mods site, hehe. ;D   ;)
Tracks / Re: USGP of Motocross @ Carlsbad Raceway
December 15, 2022, 10:12:39 PM
@kawirider276...  You should be very proud of what you have created thus far, from the pics, your track looks better than majority of the tracks that are released in the community.  I have worked in 3d animation and modeling in the Film industry for around a decade and it takes time to master this stuff.  I plan on making a lot of tracks and assets for the tracks, as well as I would like to model some bikes as well.  I have only worked in Maxon C4d and I recently opened Blender and it is a lot different than C4d, so I am taking my time to learn Blender more before I move forward.  Great job bro, love how it looks, very pleasing to the eye.


P.S.  I am a "Perfectionist"[you need to replace the "f" with a "t"(courtesy of: The Grammar Police :o )] Sorry, just had to since no one has called it out, it was bugging me that it went unnoticed. All fun and games though, Keep up the great work, as I can't wait till I get the chance to play this track of yours.
Paints / CRF250R Skin Issue. PLEASE HELP!
September 24, 2022, 01:34:04 AM
     Well, for some reason the Yoshi r-9 exhaust image wrap is not showing up on the bike, but the rest of the paint for the bike is. Even when I change the decals myself or add images like sponsor logos.  I never even once touched the pipe images since I have been making my own Decals, but I thought I remembered seeing the Yoshi exhaust working when I first downloaded the OEMs, but I have upwards of 30 plus concussions and a few times fractured and a shattered skull, so my short-term memory is all but gone these days.  I tried redownloading them after I removed all the paints to a separate location while I reinstalled the OEMs just to see if the exhaust would be there when I did.  Well... The Yoshi exhaust did not come up but sure enough it was on the CRF250R template from the start, of course.  So, I am stuck now, and I don't have the Blender file for the CRF250R which I believe reconnecting the image texture to the exhaust in that blender file is where the problem needs to be fixed, as I think when the paint connects to the bike it does not connect the exhaust image.  Is there public access to the CRF250R Blender file or another way to do it or even something else going on that someone else might know about? Any help would be greatly appreciated as I am new to the game and the community and being in the hospital for the 100th time for a few months and not being able to ride or race for years this game has given me at the very least enough of the thrill from the sport I so dearly love and has just probably come just in time to save my life, CTE is a very scary thing to try and live with, especially as you get older. Any help would be so greatly appreciated.

Thank You,
Rossy  8)
     I was just wondering who sets their Sag on here and how often and if it really makes a difference in this game or not.  I do it everytime I go out but I dont think I am at the skill level yet(I just started 2 days ago with almost no past gaming experience so I can do what I love to do since I am in the hospital getting rods in my back to support my spine, so I might not ever get to throw my leg over a bike again :'( ) to really notice if it makes a difference at all like it does in real life.  I thought posting this would get some thinking and also maybe it could help this game progress in the right direction as far as realism. Plus, it would be cool to see some kind of sag testing/settings plugin for the future maybe??? Anyway, was hoping this would open up some good discussion. Thank you to everyone who participates in this Poll and discussion and everyone that loves racing as I do. I am also so thankful to everyone who deticates their own precious time into making this game what it is today, iNsane, Asdrael, GioPanda, Dizzy_A, RKRDM, Ruben Kuilder, Greenlenux, Vickers, TFC, FabMx, Cody_James, MotoSavage, Stonerider, and whoever else I might be forgetting because I am brand new to this so I am still learning who everyone is and who contributes.  I will very much like to contribute in the near future as I have over 10 years of using Cinema 4D in the film industry adding 3d into movie and commercial scenes and Blender I just downladed and trying to get use to it, not much different than C4d really.  I use to use Apple and now I got a PC just to play Mxbikes, haha.

Again Thanks somuch to these fellas for everything they do to make this hole in my heart full again beecause they make this game so much freaking fun. You know who you are guys, which I named some.

Ross S.
Bikes / Re: How to create models in blender?
September 04, 2022, 10:40:38 PM
Quote from: Scotty on February 15, 2022, 04:06:20 AMHi guys, I wanted to ask the model creators out there if there are any good tutorials on how to create a bike model. I want to create a tm 2 stroke, and and help is greatly appreciated.

p.s., I literally installed blender like an hour and a half ago and am currently bashing my head against my keyboard and wishing I was never born :)
you got a ways to go bud.  I have been working as a 3d modeling and animator if Cinema 4D mainly and 3DSmax for 15 years, which they all are pretty similar except when you get to connecting nodes and rigging and clothes they can be different and some suit other things better then some. Blender I have messed around with and now that I just got MX Bikes I want to add different parts to bikes like a fuel mapping switch to the bars and such but also beable to mess with the engineEd and maybe beable to make my own factory bike with factory power. The possibilities are endless. A simple word to the wise... Try and keep your polygon count as low as possible building your models or the render time will be insane, especially if you are adding shadow mapping,reflection, global illumination, and all that jazz. It's so cool but so crazy how challenging it gets to learn and the rabbit hole goes deep. Good luck and hope your enjoying. After 15 years I am still learning especially as the tech get crazier and better. Peace out