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May 26, 2024, 04:01:48 AM


MX Bikes beta18j available! :)

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GO TO PAGE 2! I don't know why The photo files are now too big to upload but very low quality photos on page 2 for now!
Check page two for the FMX updated photos for the cut side number plates and a small update on possible future mods!!!!!!
!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Posted some photos of a quick mock up of what i have done and been working on @8/24/2021 even though slow i jump on to get stuff done when i can unfortunately i wasn't able to keep my accelerated window and have this out before now but something is at least something!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This will be where I post the files when I am done and have the files imported with the help I have been getting I no longer need the other post I did a mock up of everything I have I will leave a short list of what is left to be built the rest is just minor tweaks. I mocked up most of what I had being these last couple days I made progress where I had been stalling out a lot!!! If I can get something done everyday should be about a couple weeks to a month and the CR should be done and ready to test!!!! Check out the pictures so far and leave any feedback if you see an issue that isn't in the list.

(Updated) 2/5/23
What's left to build/
Front brake reservoir- 90% final tweaking
Handle bars(done), levers- (100% NEED PERCHES) & cables
Rebuild footpeg- Lost the save file name
Rear fender- (DONE)

Front number plate- (90%) bar strap only the left
New frame- (75% Built, needs final curvature tweaking)
Brake calipers
sprockets & rotors
gas cap
Mud flap/guard- finished
New air box boot- finished
Rad. cap
Rear spring rebuild
Rear shock linkage- (50% total) linkage is finished need to start knuckle
Redesign seat- finished design final sizing started and needed to complete
Tweak clutch cover
Radiator hoses
??Build Chain??? (Not sure if it is needed to template or if it is built into the game)
fork covers- 90% need to cut in half or 3/4 to finalize the shape
Air box- Redesigned 75% need to shape it to link up with mud guard

I will be posting mock up shots of the FMX version once these items are finished.
Fmx Model/
Cut number plates & air box- number plates 100%- beginning air box shortly
flip levers- Started
Trimmed seat - 90% plus a redesigned Original seat
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Bikes / Anyone own a 02-07 CR 250
February 22, 2021, 07:46:39 AM
Does anyone Own a 2002-2007 CR125/250 I need some photos to make the shaping of the plastics easier I've been looking around the internet for photos but they are all at angles or just askew enough that my meshes are coming out crooked or on an angle no matter how I map it out I could use some other photos to if anyone could help me out it would make the 06 CR project go a lot faster. But since I have this problem I'm kind of stuck. I have other stuff that I can work on in the meantime but I'm making pretty good progress I just wanna get some of the dimension and angles right on a fender before I finish everything else and have a bike with no Plastics.
I am in the process of making a 2006 cr250 I wanted a fmx model( i will make regular bikes too if it comes out good and there are decent receptions to the bikes)  but never found any good mods so i am making one i wanna know how detailed i can get with the meshes i wanna make i t as close as possible are there any limitations in this game or no? I will post some photos of the stuff i am working on i have the carb about 80% and have bits and pieces of the motor coming now and the frame and swing arm about 50% i can already see the plastics are going to be a pain considering i am pretty new this is the furthest i've made it working on a model something always usually got really messed up.