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July 25, 2024, 08:22:16 AM


MX Bikes beta19 available! :)

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Plugins / Re: Input Plugins
July 11, 2020, 03:13:39 AM
Hi Everyone,

I am trying to work with this plugin to build a real bike interface.
But I cannot achieve to do this, because I cannot build a dll with my visual studio.

Could you tell me about how to make a project with Visual Studio to make a dll successfully?

When I put my .dll (64x) into plugins directory and rename it as ".dli", the Simulator does not reconize it or I think that is what happens.

For example in order to test this, I wrote an fopen function to write some file when Startup() function it's triggered and it never writes the file. :'(

How do I do this?
Thank you so much.