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Paints Install Guide

Started by Snappe, October 01, 2014, 04:01:17 PM

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I did all of this and they still don't show up. Help?


post a screenshot , or more, of your pfiles/mxb/mxb/bikes/      and all what is in.
Lke that we will can help you.

Bj Slice

Tried to sync today and I am getting a lot of ?? on every  item on the list for paints. See picture below.

Has the FTP server being cleaned? did they removed items to free some space? I am not sure really.
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December 18, 2018, 01:16:13 AM #18 Last Edit: December 18, 2018, 01:21:00 AM by forgotiwasalive
The boots, gloves, and helmets that I downloaded, don't show up in game.

So in my Mx Bikes folder, I made a folder "rider" and inside that folder I have a "paints" folder. Inside of "paints" I have "boots", "gloves", "helmets". I put the helmet .pnt's inside the helmets folder, and put the gloves and boots in their respected folders, but still no helmet, gloves, or boots in game.

Any input would be appreciated, thank you.

I should add that my rider kits work in game, just not helmet gloves boots. Also my tracks work.


your rider folder should have the following folders inside it: Paint, boots, gloves, helmets.

the paint folder is for the clothes of the rider. The boots gloves etc are for each of those components. So i think you just need to move your boots, gloves, helmets to the rider folder, not inside paint folder


I now have boots, goggles, gloves inside my rider folder. I can now see my helmet in the list in game but when i select it, it doesn't apply it. Maybe I'll delete it all and redownload everything.


Try this pack, lots of paints for the riders kit and all folders are already sorted just extract the rider folder to your MXBikes directory.
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Thanks, man. I'll give it a shot.


that link isnt working for me can anyone help i have a rider folder in MX Bikes and have the 4 seperate folders but not popping up in game,not sure whats going on


Hey there. I'm fairly new to mxbikes and completely new to pc gaming with mods. That being said I did the folders deal and it didn't work for the liveries. Also some tracks/gear just doesn't work either even in the proper file format. Thanks in advance.