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July 25, 2024, 08:57:08 AM


MX Bikes beta19 available! :)

MXB-Wiki.com - The User Created MX Bikes Wiki

Started by iNsane, May 18, 2020, 11:04:48 PM

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I proudly present to you:


The User Created MX Bikes Wiki

You might ask yourself, "why do we need another MX Bikes Wiki"?
The official Wiki is definitely a good first starting point, but due to the massive amount of stuff Pibs has to take care of, a lot of partially important stuff can get lost (everyone knows it!) and no one has a direct answer.
Asking in the discord is helpful, too, but it gets lost very fast, and discord is most of the time very confusing and filled with unimportant stuff, but hey, that's in first place a chat tool.

Here comes my part.
After creating MXB-Mods.com and continously improving it and bringing it to a state where I would say it's on a stable level, I came across the idea to create a database regarding MX Bikes tutorials, tips, tricks, advanced explanation of stuff, and especially:
user created help on one big and growing page.

Hard facts:
MXB-Wiki.com is SSL encrypted to provide the security standards nowadays
The official PiBoSo Wiki is implemented into the page, too! The pages are embedded into single posts and are getting refreshed each day
Login through Discord to skip the hassle with verificating via E-Mail, that's so oldschool!
New posts will automatically be posted into the MX Bikes Discord #mxb-wiki channel
Post your walkthroughs, tutorials, tips or explanations on one easy-to-use page
Comment below posts and start discussions, ask the authors for help if something is not clear enough
Edit your profile, tell us something about you, provide users with your Discord#0000 tag and you might get personal help that way!
Loads of plugins and post-formatting to make your walktrough stand out!
Edit your post after initially posting it if you want to make some changes to it, or remove it permanently. It's up to you!

I hope this page is, once it's getting filled, helpful for someone and I also hope people try to provide the community with some helpful posts, too.
So, if you know something others don't know and it hasn't already been posted, what are you waiting for? :)

Thanks for your time and see you at MXB-Wiki.com!

   🌐 MX Bikes Mods

   🌐 GP Bikes Mods

   💸 Feel free to donate


MXB-Wiki.com appears to be a user-created wiki dedicated to MX Bikes, a popular motocross racing simulation video game. This type of community-driven wiki is typically created and maintained by fans and players of the game.

The purpose of MXB-Wiki.com is to provide a comprehensive and collaborative resource for MX Bikes enthusiasts. It likely includes information on various aspects of the game, such as gameplay tips, tutorials, bike and track information, modding guides, and possibly user-generated content like reviews and strategies.

User-created wikis like this are valuable for gamers as they often contain insights, strategies, and details that may not be readily available in the official game documentation. They foster a sense of community among players and help newcomers learn and enjoy the game more effectively.



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