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May 26, 2024, 04:02:29 AM


MX Bikes beta18j available! :)

(WIP)02-07 CR250 Frame Added, Rear Shock Pg2 & FMX, Flip Levers photos Pg.3

Started by aschembri91, June 01, 2021, 02:11:12 AM

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FMX airbox and air filter I downloaded the templates for importing it into the game Still some steps in between that still not sure if I need to model wheels or the chain. Some touch up still needed, and I have to go through the entire engine and delete a lot of unneeded geometry that you can't see and get the vertex count do especially for the low poly model.
bandicam 2024-01-12 00-57-53-331.jpg
bandicam 2024-01-12 00-58-04-759.jpg
bandicam 2024-01-12 00-58-54-113.jpg
bandicam 2024-01-12 00-58-41-935.jpg


Started Flip levers may change them to the simple version with only one bend these were some what annoying to make but that is another down that and the kill switch is made. I just have to finish up the clamps for the levers and touch some stuff up on the handlebars.
bandicam 2024-01-13 09-43-59-199.jpg
bandicam 2024-01-13 09-44-36-508.jpg
bandicam 2024-01-13 09-43-29-871.jpg


messing around Fuel & Carb lines mocked up fork guards 
bandicam 2024-01-13 11-32-38-281.jpg
bandicam 2024-01-13 11-32-57-226.jpg
bandicam 2024-01-13 11-32-59-061.jpg
bandicam 2024-01-13 11-33-21-540.jpg



Hey dude, I'm new to MX Bikes (only 100 and something hours) came from unleashed and reflex FMX, I just wanted to know how you're doing with this amazing project. I was thinking the same thing but I'm no good at computers, anyways I'm excited to see someone with the FMX passion you're doing god's work mad respect dude much love