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April 15, 2024, 07:09:07 AM


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Greatest team ever .....H2M Racing

Started by Vader Viovod, March 04, 2022, 09:31:09 AM

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Vader Viovod

Good news!! ello ello my friends family, old women young men, ugly girls and special needs kids. There's a new team in town. and NO we avoid soy drinks and pronouns butsax we are-- H2M, GasGas, Coors Light, Motorex Pro Circuit, some other shite stuff (all un-official of course other than the H2M) butsax we amazing custom bike skins and gear, (need some one to do gloves, helmet and boots. im tired of doin it all lol) we may not be the fastest or anywhere near the most at all professionalist but... damn we make it look good and we also tend to get drunk and then go crash all over the Krackenberg after racing/practice racing and then a six pack of delicious 'Coors Light' or 2 or mayhaps 3. and propper spelling and  or grammar if for those they them non binary it's. ffs... we also give away prizes to top rider every week. this weeks prize is an "atta boy praise". next weeks is a signed  James Hetfield air guitar!! don't miss out!!