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SimHub overlay

Started by Yokoo, July 07, 2022, 07:42:35 PM

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Hello! Since Beta17, the SimHub overlay function does not work in the game. What could be the problem?


Does anyone use SimHub?
The problem is that it only exposes data to the screen in windowed mode, and you get very little telemetry data from the game.


Yeah the overlays work as long as you alt-tab and focus simhub. So something in bikes is running in like "always on top" mode. I'm looking through the configs now to see if there's a setting or something.

I made a pretty cool animated bike overlay in simhub so I can see my pitch and suspension travel in first person. But alt-tabbing just so I can see it is a paaaain. Simhub is so cool though.


Thanks! If you found a solution, please share.


Will PiBoSo be a solution for the operation of SimHub overlays? (or is this a SimHub problem, should I check with them?) It worked very well until Beta 17. Unfortunately, since then it only works in windowed mode, with little telemetry data. :(
Only "gear" and "speed" can be brought up in hud.cfg, or are there others?


No. PiBoSo won't support a third-party add on.
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I understand. The problem is that it's a simulator game that doesn't have displayable data by default. Unfortunately, it would be unplayable without MaxHud.