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May 30, 2024, 08:29:06 PM


MX Bikes beta18j available! :)


Started by Nicky838, August 14, 2022, 05:38:35 AM

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I used to play MXB a lot and at one point in time I was a faster rider, sadly I walked away at beta 15 and am just now coming back. Since I've been back I have noticed 2 things that I cant figure out how to correct no matter what I try, so I decided to reach out to the community in hopes that you guys can maybe help me figure them out. First is cornering, no matter what I do or change I cant stay in a rut and if I do stick in the rut I go down, and when I pop out of the rut I go down, any suggestions there? Second, I am consistently looping out, it doesnt matter if Im on a straight away leaning forward, coming out of a corner, or even going up the face of a jump. Does anyone have any thoughts that may help there. Thanks for your time in advance, I really do appreciate any and all help.


I guess it'll just take time to get back the finesse required to hit ruts hard and not loop out. There's been a lot of changes to the traction since B15, and only thanks to the newest oem pack and tyre mods is it playable again now, but it will still be different to what you're used to. You'll just have back off a bit until you can predict when you're about to loop out, but you'll get the hang of it eventually. if you're playing on 450s they'll definitely loop out more than they used to cause they actually have grip now lol.


Thank you man, I appreciate the help and explanation of the changes. It's a completely different game then when I walked away