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June 17, 2024, 08:10:30 AM


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lean help and editing game files.

Started by Form Forza, February 03, 2023, 10:44:56 PM

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Form Forza

there has been talks about pro rides and people high in the game who seem to control everything about the game when it comes to racing and being competitive going into the game files and messing with something that has to do with lean help and allowing them to turn harder and get lower without falling over and it reflects on there lap times, I would just like if this community came together make this information available to the public or stop it all together, this is a really good game i dont wanna see it ruined over cheating or people messing with the game. just hope this gets fixed.


heeee tutti quelli che fanno i fenomeni che mettono i video avranno tutti gli aiuti attivati per andare cosi veloci....ci vorrebbe che in gara si bloccasse gli aiuti per tutti



Ive warned from the early beginning to not let people mess with the physics,all earlier mx games have lost the atractian of playin when people
mess around in the files.
This game is bound to die when nothing is done to that by the DEVS.


If you mean editing the .ini file, then there's limits on how far you can adjust settings. There is no "physics" tweaking going on, so you can kill that conspiracy theory. SO many people are frustrated when they go online or see videos of other riders totally railing corners and hitting every line, thinking "I should be that fast, I race IRL." GET OVER IT!!! Every single skill game has a skill gap. I look like a beginner when I go online, but that doesn't mean they're cheating. To anyone who's frustrated...go practice and experiment with suspension settings to see the differences. Just put more time in.
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