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April 15, 2024, 09:10:19 AM


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Graphical Bug?

Started by Badgercream, May 04, 2023, 04:28:07 PM

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Hey guys, I got myself a Steam Deck last month and been having a blast playing MX Bikes (Newbie here).

Something strange has been happening lately. If you look at the attached pic, the display sometimes goes all wierd in that the icons, drop boxes, etc,.. get replaced with strange lettering and images. It happens on some tracks (purchased beta 18 and free tracks on MX Mods), as well with certain bikes. It's erratic and I can't pin it to anything in particular.

It clears when exiting and restarting the game. The game doesn't freeze and all works fine, just I can't do bugger all in the menu's.

I've reinstalled the game and still happens erratically.

Could this be a virus that I picked up?

Any advice would be great....




Not sure how that system works. Have you tried different resolutions? Try different shader levels, texture detail levels etc. Looks like a problem unique to that platform.
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Let me try that
 I'll report back my findings...


A suggestion from someone else with a deck "looks like disabling shaders would fix that", and he blamed AMD  :)
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Report back. Still randomly does this. Have tried both of the suggestions above. Nomp issue really as to exit and restart the game takes less than a minute....


Report back 2. Found the issue, but not why it happens. While pasting a bike paint in the respective mod folder, I saw a folder named ".ignore". Nothing inside of it. When launching the game, and using a bike that has this folder in it, it would cause the graphical issue.

Only some bikes had this folder, and every bike that has it would cause the issue, while other bikes that did not, would run fine. Now this ".ignore" folder is random as it disappears and reappears whenever (Im often downloading content and looking into the mods folders while in desktop mode).

So if anyone else has this issue on their Steameeck, then just go into the bike paint folder and delete this ".ignore" folder.

If anyone knows what would cause this please let me know...