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June 21, 2024, 10:55:38 AM


MX Bikes beta18j available! :)


Started by JetBlackPriest, March 08, 2024, 07:17:12 AM

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March 08, 2024, 07:17:12 AM Last Edit: March 08, 2024, 07:20:35 AM by JetBlackPriest
Hi all, I recently uploaded my 1000cc CRF to mxb mods and it is doing reasonably well, however sometime in the last few days I've started to get replies and comments saying it isn't working for people, which seems strange and out of the blue to me as I've tested it as working on two machines since seeing those comments and have good comments from others that would suggest it works for them.

I have done minor updates since I released it but my editing has been limited to things like the clutch, tyre friction, mass and gearing in the cfg.

Now, since I've had mods previously decide to just not work and then miraculously work once relocating my mod folder, I had assumed this was a game issue, compounded by the fact it is working for some and not others however I'm starting to get too many comments saying it is not appearing in the game.

I did have some issues with sound while making it but I haven't messed with that since I got it to work, Im only mentioning these things as potential points to look over that might point to an issue.

As I no longer have any idea wtf I'm looking for in regards to an error, I need someone with eyes more trained than mine to have a look over my files and tell me what might be causing the problem, because as far as I'm concerned, the mod is fine and it is the game that is the issue, but I'm getting too many comments saying it's not working and I've had at least one report of relocating the mod folder not working to resolve the issue which is why I'm posting now.

Initially, I suspected that people just have trouble following instructions and were not bringing the sm tyre with the bike when they installed or they had not installed OEM tyres it but I decided to test that by deleting the sm tyre and the bike still appeared in the game without it. Then I suspected maybe it has something to do with the garage setup so I deleted all my setups, as when first making the bike, tyres and a tune had to be selected or the bike would get stuck in the ground (I did fix the mapping and tyresetting in the cfg but sometimes you get ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? in the fields in the garage which seemed to be causing the stuck issue as selecting tyres and a tune in the garage would fix that) but upon deleting setups and letting the bike default to the settings in the cfg, it still appeared in the game.

I'm at the point now where I keep browsing files looking for an error that probably isn't there because if it were, the mod wouldn't work on my machines but I don't know what else to look for that might be causing the mod to not appear in people's games.

My only other suspicions are things like bike and tyre paints, I made this with paints equipped and the hoosier tyre mod installed, but Im under the impression those things shouldn't have any effect on the bike appearing in the game or not as there is no default paint set in the ini and tyre paints are either there or not, plus as I previously mentioned, it works for some and not others, I'm at a loss at this point.

Here is the mod: https://mxb-mods.com/crf1000rr-fireblade-cbr1000rr-swapped-crf-1000cc-130hp-150hp-200hp

I would greatly appreciate anyone looking over it and rendering any opinions as to why it is appearing and working for some but not others.


Nevermind I figured it out, My tyres were addressed to the factory folder in the cfg and in a brain fart moment setting up the folders so people can drag and drop to install, I named the folder p_mx.


I recommend rolling back to a previous version of your mod that was confirmed working by the majority of users which can help identify if recent fnf go changes introduced the issue.