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MX Bikes beta15d available! :)

Supermoto Hotlap Event

Started by RiccoChicco, March 04, 2016, 05:48:03 PM

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As you know, MXB beta4 brought us an incredible new way to ride : Supermoto. As a personal opinion (but I bet I'm not the only one), I think PiBoSo and Snappe made something really impressive.

On another side, the great Alibaskins from motonline-france.com created few months ago a great tool for servers : a great service that register laps online to allow each rider to compare his results. He also made something called "Hotlap Events" (GPB users will now  ;D) that is something nice to train and race (indirectly or not) against others.

During few days (about a week), a special server is set up and each one of us is free to join it at any time. You're free to leave it, to come again, etc. All you laps are saved. All you have to do is to make laps to score points in the even standings. You have several categories, from best lap to highest speed. You can see an example here from GPB.

I'd like to know if anyone would be interested in having this kind of event with supermoto. Kart tracks (from KRP) are really nice to ride with the supermoto and it could be really fun to compete online.

These events are asking a bit of work for Alibaskins, so it's better to be sure there will be some riders interested  :)

Stout Johnson

good idea... definitely interested


Thumbs up from me, please bring it  :)
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Sure thing, sounds super fun!  ;D
I´m in!


Im in! trying hard the slides in Mountain track from GPBikes ;)

BOBR6 84

Jose Reina




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yes, please make this happen! Any idea when there might be an hotlap event? :)