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June 21, 2024, 09:27:38 AM


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Piboso Documents Folder

Started by thebilly, March 12, 2024, 06:47:39 AM

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I have been playing MX bikes for about a month with mods, for some reason today my one drive moved my Piboso folder onto the cloud storage and I can no longer play the game. I have tried completely uninstalling the game and all files from both my PC and one drive, but every time I re-download the game it puts my Piboso folder into one drive making the game unplayable. Does anyone have advice to stop this from happening I have turned off auto sync and deleted one drive from my PC.


You might be able to fix this by simply moving your docs folder to the actual folder that contains the Piboso directory.

If it's not already you can point Windows to use the OneDrive documents folder as your actual documents folder (I think OneDrive should of done this for you tbh). Open File Explorer and right click your "Documents" in the left side panel and click "Properties". In the pane that pops out click on the "Location" tab and then hit the "Move..." button, then browse to and highlight the OneDrive Docs folder and press "Select Folder" and then "OK" the pane. This should make the game look in your OneDrive folder for the Piboso folder in the other docs.

Please let us know if that helps at all.
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I have tried moving the folder both ways and for just telling the game to look in one drive for that folder it already does but the game crashes once you load into a track even without mods.