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MX Bikes beta16 available! :)

The Ultimate Beginners Guide To Suspension Setup by MXB-Central.com

Started by GDUBMX, April 03, 2016, 10:32:48 PM

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Hey guys, here is the suspension guide as promised! This could well evolve into the complete rookies guide with controls and everything. hopefully this will help anyone new to the game or suspension setup in general. *NOTE this guide is not 100% totally accurate and is subject to change with further development and testing.

Ultimate Beginners Guide To Suspension Setup

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Huge thanks to HornetMaX, RC, and Fats for all your help to make this possible.
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Hey guys thank you very much for sharing all your work. I'm also searching and try hard so many combinaisons to find the right setup or at least understand each set and these effects. and this is not easy at all..

In the reality, the spring is not a value that change on every track. each rider have is type of springs, front and rear, in rapport of his weight.
Also the preload is a set who don't change on every track neither. It's a value, just to make sure your race sag is good, and it change in fonction of your bike brand or CC. The good Race sag value is in the manuel of your bike, and you just set your preload to reach that value every time you go on the track.
In reality each rider have his setup and the only thing that change on every track is compression (bump?), rebound and may be oil level. (and i'm pretty sure that is rare)

Just correct me if i'm wrong somewhere. But my questions are:

- What is the actual weight of our rider ? (Pib's help us !)
- What is the right race sag on the 250xf, 350xf and 450xf ? (Pib's help us !)
- are bump and compression the same things ?
-  it's obviously not exactly the same thing as reality. Soo... can Piboso make a tutorial with the all explanation and effect of all setups and some tips for what to do in some situations ?


The rider weight is 80kg ( of course in full riding gear ).


Quote from: PiBoSo on April 04, 2016, 12:00:26 AM

The rider weight is 80kg ( of course in full riding gear ).

Thank Pib ! So if i trust all we can read on internet, the good race sag should be about 100 (+-10) rear and 70 (+-5) front.

And you can go there to see what spring rate is the best for your ride and your weight (80kg) http://www.racetech.com/ChooseVehicle.aspx

But of course, i guess the Msm's geom got to be really close to the ktm. I really don't know if it is, and more less for the upcoming community's models.