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January 26, 2021, 05:28:28 AM


MX Bikes beta15d available! :)

RM 125 & 250 Stock and OEM Pack

Started by 𝖙𝖋𝖈, March 19, 2017, 04:49:52 PM

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awesome bikes, i love the cernics one with the red bar! you can ride so will with the mx1 oem one! love it to make some gnarly whips. definatly one of my favs now! :)


Well, I'm so busy in my life and I got no time to play anything but today I had the opportunity to play a bit with RM125 OEM in Winchester and I have to say:

The model is a work of art, if you tell anyone that's the first bike model done by someone he would say that's impossible! Shaders are very accurate, Skins and texturing are perfect and I'm only able to see a real RM125 always I look at it. I love the attention to the details that TFC put in all his works...Congratulations. All what you've done is almost perfect, taking into account that you have a life, job, family...

The engine is very close to reality, I have never tested a RM125 but I had the opportunity to test some 85cc and 125cc dirt bikes and man, I have to say, the bike behavior makes me feel like I'm riding a fucking real 125. The bike has no power on low-rpm and then.... BRAAAAAAAAP haha the rpm go high as fuck! I can go almost  all the time full throttle and I feel when I'm reaching the point of max power and keep the bike there to be faster.

The feeling with deformation and the way I can take the turns it's very realistic IMO, I can do little powerslides in the closed turns without being spitted from the bike. Maybe defo fixes and bike flex helps that.

Again Asdrael and TFC, thank you. That's the kind of bike mod I like and what I always tried to do/have. Congratulations guys. You're a very very interesting COMBO.


Thank you for the kind words Paco :) glad you're enjoying it, and yeah, it wouldn't be nearly as good as it turned out without the help of Asdrael!



Templates released.. Sorry it took a while. Had to go in and redo some of the layers for the template file as I'd lost a couple of original files so everything I had was flattenned.

Also, the parts was a pain to make originally so for the template you have UV, AO and some basic colours just to make it quick and simple.



i'd really appreciate it if you could share the tractionmx font for the left fairing. thanks!


Is there a cutout for this template?


Not sure what you mean by cutout, but template is on first page.


he means the part where you can skin graphics, its a premade blank set of graphics really that u use a base


Yeah something like this (just finished it but not sure if it lines up perfect)


Wow.. people want / use that??

Hmm.. Maybe I'm just getting old but that seems like part of skinning to me lol ???


Yeah I would say so haha 99% of templates from MXS come with cutouts. It's not super hard to make but if someone doesn't know much about UV and how stuff lines up it might make it difficult for them. I made that one, but have to do some testing ingame to make sure everything lines up with plastics correctly. For someone who has the model it will be 5x easier because you can open model in blender or whatever you use and see exactly where the verts are when making seams etc. For me its kind of a guessing game lol. I would say for easier usability that a cutout would help people use your model and make graphics. 


Hello, it doesn't work for me is it normal? Thanks.


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Please help... I cannot find this in teplate