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May 26, 2020, 08:34:11 am


MX Bikes beta14d available! :)

AMA National Track - Highpoint Raceway 2017 Release by The MOD Crew

Started by GDUBMX, April 22, 2017, 11:00:44 pm

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Thanks guys, we wanted to go extreme in the roughness as more of a test to see what we can do. And to be honest I love the rough tracks, a struggle to get around and a constant wrestle against the track. And so does Damien hahaha, maybe it's becausr we both came from mx sim and both raced the 2012 ama series which was made to be rough as hell, I personally get  more satisfaction from super hard tracks. You learn techniques you otherwise wouldn't from smoother tracks. But as for our next projects I think we agreed to pull back a bit and go mid rough like you said Asdrael.

As for the textures, haha. Anyone who has attempted to do them knows how difficult it is to get perfect with every bump and rut there is. It's alot easier on a flat track on say Freestone as you can clearly see all the obstacles. With highpoint in particular it has elevation which makes it harder to pick out even the tiniest bit. It's another track for us though, it's an ama replica, it's fun :)
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I love it!

One of my favorites, I enjoy the challenge!

Love the width of the track too.

I don't think its highpoint's(mod crew)fault that MX-Bikes as a "bug" that when a spec of dirt touches the side wall of the tire, you instantly fall. (that must be fixed!)
I was able to avoid that issue for the most part, so whatever.. but still.

My only "idea" would be to say in the really rough area's, turn up the deform a bit (if thats possible) so as we race it, those hard bumps form into diff types/lines.. but I may be wrong that you can't multiply deform in specific area's.


love it!

Edit: Would be great to see what would happen with the same exact roughness but softer top layer and faster deform.. would be sick!
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The more and more I play this, it just gets better. Not the best lap time, but I finally got under a 3min lap with a 2'37 on a 250f. :)
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Guys, this track is awesome!
i love the roughness of it, thanks!  :)


soo realistic.... awesome work guys, my favorite track so far. i love the roughness and damn, that's beautiful


Track is awesome, and I love the scaling, though I do think the physics are not stable enough yet for this track. Personally, I would like to see it smoothed just a touch (at least in the corners) until the physics are not so unpredictable, but either way, you guys did an amazing job! Can't wait to see the upcoming tracks!


Thank you for your work! The track is great and very interesting but to me it seems too rough and unrealistic hardcore, i think the surface must be a bit smoother - how smooth and where exactly is a task to think hard if we want to keep proper roughness idea.. I guess randomness of bike behavior actually comes from too complicated bumps and ruts design, plus they feel like a too firm soil. I wouldnt call mxb physics unpredictable - if you always do the same and you know what you do it always work the same. Also, for me one of the main aspects of true simulation are lap times close to reality, arent we too slow here? Anyway i cant deny, it's some cool experiment and experience for skill training.


Ok guys, ive been feeling the same about the smoothness and decided im going to release a smoother version of it, same track. just smoother lines,corners etc. try and squeeze those laptimes down. Obviously guys like us will NOT run 2.02s, we shall leave that for Camel Tomac and Marvin "i made a Mistake' Musquin. But yeah, id prefer a smoother version also
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I've not given proper feedback yet, mainly been too busy to run laps, but one gripe I had was that some of the corner ruts and lines were a bit unpredictable, which made for equally unpredictable deformation. If you could fix that, you could probably bring out more of the lines that should be possible.


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Longer laptimes compared to IRL are not too much of an issue. I'm guessing you are using 1.1 or so scaling, it's very rough, and from my track building experience even a 1:1 replica will give varying laptimes just depending on the shape of jumps, roughness, etc. As long as it's fun and a somewhat accurate representation of the track I'm fine with it.

Now, a bit less roughness, yummy ;)
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can't wait for smoother...the v1 feels like my eyes don't stop bouncing and I have no clue where my bike is gonna go lol. 

One note I would add and I see you guys say how hard it is...but maybe some more diverse looking dirt texture?