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Offline AI request

Started by GDUBMX, May 12, 2017, 06:23:17 PM

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Me again, I've been asked by a non member on the chances of ever adding offline competition as in ai players.

I know it's probably a huge undertaking but it would definitely be a great asset for Mxb.
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Mx simulator has offline Ai, and it´s so damn stupid hahaha
they crash everywhere, altrought they learn from your lines, not sure but at least i preffer better terrain and physics simulation  ;D


It's not pointless for people who want to play with out the stress of real life player (for some, this is a big deal)

Also, some may not have good internet for competition.

(obviously this should not be a priority but not a bad thing)

My random thought/suggestion..

Making A.I that is smart seems to be a miserable fail across many types of games but the ghost obviously runs very well!

So maybe the game can take random ghost information from online races or similar and you have multiple "ghost" racing with you.

just a thought
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Quote from: geofanatec on May 12, 2017, 10:17:49 PMEven MX vs ATV is all about "real" players and not many play in single player mode with AI.
For the sake of your argument you're speaking for a lot of people with bold statements there. ALL about real players? Not many play career? Whoa doggy! Do you use cheat codes to unlock everything in career? The AI in career mode is great! When you crank up the difficulty they don't mess up nearly as much, but it's not the most real riding experience. More casual but the best AI I've seen. In the MXGP demo the AI was good. I never tried 2 or 3. It must be pretty good by now.
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