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Cant join non-dedicated servers

Started by ChamP_Mx, February 02, 2018, 12:00:07 am

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Hey guys! Today i was actually feeling like online when i saw someone on but, then i realized i still had the reoccurring problem of not being able to join non-dedicated server. This server was on Mantua and i am only able to join the B7b servers or motosavage if they are up... anyone else got this problem?
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Most likely the host of the non dedicated server doesn't have UDP ports 54200 and 54210 opened. You need these ports opened in the router and / or firewall to allow incoming connections.
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I saw 3 servers up tonight. Went into the Practice Track one. Said "Synching" forever. Alt-tabbed until I could click on cancel. Once I clicked cancel(thought it was a freeze or crash) I was in the pits on that server. Weird?
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