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January 24, 2021, 07:36:37 AM


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.raw file heightmap issues

Started by TonySpinelli, January 30, 2020, 03:30:18 AM

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I've been looking into making tracks, i made tracks for years on mx simulator but lost interest in the game. I have downloaded earth sculptor and i noticed that i cannot export anything to a .raw file. i have photoshop cs3 (old i know) and i can save an image as a .raw but it is only 8bit and i can't figure out how to change it to the 16bp IBM that the game requires. Can anyone maybe point me in the correct direction? I've searched the forums to no avail. i was just going to convert one of my mx simulator heightmaps over to mx bikes just to get a feel for the workflow of making tracks and that is when i originally ran into my .raw issue. the track just came up as a bunch of needles (assuming that it was because PS was only saving it as a 8bp IBM).

Thank you/


You gotta have to change the Mode of the Picture to Grayscale, I believe this unlocks the correct raw export settings

Nice to again see someone messing around with doing tracks 👍

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Image > Mode > 16 Bits/Channel

And yes needs to be greyscale