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January 26, 2021, 07:31:26 AM


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Deformation Questions

Started by TonySpinelli, March 08, 2020, 08:36:21 PM

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It seems that deformation is kind of this thing that i can't find out much about. My main question is how can we get more deformation out of tracks we are making? i'm looking for like unadilla type deformation, something that digs super deep and make big breaking bumps. i saw the multiplier post from Piboso in 2016 but i'm not sure if that is still valid given all the game updates. I guess if there was a place to explain it better that would help a lot too. Thanks boys.


Different types of materials give different rates of deformation. There isn't any way to make that faster for MP.
MXB also doesn't support terrain build-up yet.

You can however play around with soil and soft soil materials and masks to make your track start fresh and build up braking bumps.


could you give me a quick example? i was wondering if having say 3 layers of soft soil at a .2 thickness would dig deeper than say 1 soft soil and only having soil under it