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September 26, 2020, 09:16:52 PM


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Long reset BUG?

Started by Resolute Kraken, April 16, 2020, 03:20:11 AM

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Resolute Kraken

Hey guys, has anyone else ever run into something similar? I've seen a post on GPB forum but basically it said to use the Min/Max lines.

On Erzberg, the very first corner causes a problem.  If you go to the left of the centerline, and then after that try to use the long reset, it will always reset you back to the start of that corner/hill.  This is a major problem if you get stuck 10km down the road in a tree and it resets you back to the start.  If you go to the right of the centerline in that corner, and the cross back over the centerline after that, it will reset you correctly as expected where you left the course.  In the image from TrackEd, you can see that I have my off track mask set, and I've generated the track and the min/max lines with plenty of space around the centerline.  I have no problems on other parts of the course where the trail and off-track mask are litterally about 3 meters wide.  At other times during this project, this problem area has moved around - not sure what is causing it.


Don't know anything about track editing, and if I understood the problem correctly.

But I think I had something like this on MXB Club a few times already. When I resetted in the rollers section I got resetted to the last jump before the finish line.
But I think it was just the first time after going on the track, once I ran a lap it didn't happen. (just had this with testing, not in a race)

So if it's the same problem, it could be just a bug and nothing wrong with your track.