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June 02, 2020, 07:44:09 PM


MX Bikes beta14d available! :)

Additional track making options

Started by 𝖙𝖋𝖈, May 18, 2020, 09:56:43 PM

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Hi PiBoSo

I would like to request a couple of things for track making that I think could be quite useful.. So these are purely my current wish list and in NO WAY would I like this to get in the way of multiplayer and netcode updates. So in no order I would love to see:

1. A prefix that excludes an object from draw distance. Sometimes you want things to be 'in the world' rather than 'in the background' that are affected by draw distance.

2. A small bit of movement through the 'background' model. Maybe something like 10% of the on track movement, so for every 100 metres you move in the world (on track), you could move 10 metres through the background world. This would give people the chance to really use the background model for large scenes which wouldn't feel like wallpapers. Ratio might need experimenting with.

3. The ability to add rotating objects to the background model. I'm not sure if this would need to be included in FBX2EDF when compiling your background model, or if it could just be a variable in the SCR that a rotating object is part of the background rather than the track itself. This would allow for some really cool background scenes.

4. The ability to add or remove weather conditions. It would be great to 1) be able to add custom conditions with new sun positions like 'morning' or 'dusk' or 'night' and name these for in game use. At the same time it would be awesome to be able to restrict these conditions like removing 'rainy' if you just don't want to include a wet version.

5. Some semi solid surface, something that you can get caught in but be able to ride through without crashing. This could have multiple uses, like Tuff Blocks (Bales) that don't act like they're made of concrete, plastic fences, the same material could even be used for water and other enduro obstacles.

6. The ability to be able to use different scenes and SCR's with different conditions.

Thanks :)

Resolute Kraken

I agree with all of these.

For #1, yes, please.  I also suggested in another thread that the terrain and the object draw distance be separated - so that the terrain could be drawn fully - like Erzberg, which didn't seem to affect FPS at all.  Then have the draw distance for scene objects tuneable by user to fit their system performance, while still having the whole terrain drawn.

#5 is really needed.

I would also like to suggest adding new material layer "mud" so that we can have that on an otherwise dry track or environment but a section is muddy.  While not using the Rain weather.


i'm with you guys especially on #4 and #5!
having a few more soil types is definitely needed, especially mud since is not rare to have muddy tracks without the need of rain..
also changing track conditions (they are present in krp for sure, don't know about gpb and wrs) would be a game changer..having dynamic weather would be a dream come true!
and i'm also down on semi-solid meshes..speaking of mud wouldn't it be nice to have water puddles that reacts to the bike visually (with splashes) and physically (by slowing the bike down)
and last changing time of day would also be another interesting addition!


I don't know if it's possible now, I think it's not but maybe self-emission textures to do indoor lights?