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September 18, 2020, 06:58:57 PM


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Need help making a track

Started by millerjd222, July 08, 2020, 05:07:37 AM

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I have been trying for hours to figure this out and its still not working correctly. I do everything right in TFC's tutorial. But when I run _map.bat, _trh.bat, and centerline.bat no new files show up in my track folder. Maybe this has something to do with it, when i run map.bat it says WARNING: Extension Corrected. Can someone give me tips?


post a picture of your bat map.bat file and the rest of your bat files in a text editor. I struggled alot trying to get my "track" to work, i understand the struggle.


here ya go

War Cry

Not 100% sure if this would fix it, but the first screen shot shows "example.tcl" and "example_start.tcl" and I believe those have to be named to match the track's tht and hmf files, which are "track" according to the other two screen shots

Resolute Kraken

the centerline names won't make a difference.  Might be a dumb question, but are you sure you have all of the track tools in your track folder.  Tracked.exe and Terrained.exe?  Show screenshots of your folders and files - or join the discord and ask for more realtime help there.


Are you executing them in the correct order?
  • trh.bat
  • centerline.bat
  • map.bat


yes I am executing them in the right way, and let me post some screen shots of the folders and files.


here are my files and the folders.


whoops didnt mean to send them all two times.

Resolute Kraken

okay, next request, show screenshots of your hmf and tht files


here are my hmf and tht files


and i just switched the repetition to 1 for hmf file cause i messed up

Resolute Kraken

well, they look fine, only other thing I can think of.  Using a new example track folder, delete the trh and map file from it, then run the builds for those - making not modifications to either.

Or take the heightmap from the example track and use that to see if it builds in yours as well, maybe the heightmap is messed up.


In the main track folder I see you have 3 files entitled "heightmap"
Not sure but that may be causing an issue.
Suggest removing the two top ones and only leave the heightmap.raw file in the folder and see if that helps.


i got rid of the TRH and MAP files and put in the ones from the example track. Then i ran them and they did not create the files for my track. So that did not work unfortunately