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April 23, 2024, 11:42:46 PM


MX Bikes beta18j available! :)

2021 Aerial E-SX World Championship on MyMXB.com

Started by StoneRider, January 19, 2021, 02:20:45 PM

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Here we are riders ! The supercross season have finaly started. This Friday will begin the 2021 Aerial E-SX World Championship at https://mymxb.com/. Come with us to compete with the best MX Bikes riders for the ultimate Supercross title. 17 rounds on perfect replicas of the IRL Monster energy supercross series. With real sponsors like https://mxlightfr.com/, you won't ride for nothing. Earn your customized metal plate ! 1st, 2nd and 3rd places in each categorie will bring their trophies home.

Schedule (UTC time)

Please convert to your local timezone, or use the MyMXB racing system.

- 19h30-21h00 Free practice. Deformation ON, collisions OFF

- 21h00-21h20 Qualifying practice. Deformation OFF collisions OFF. Top 40 qualified for the event.

(( 20 Minutes break ))

- 21h40 Heat 1 (8 Min + 1T) Top 8 advance to the main event.

- 21h55 Heat 2 (8 Min + 1T) Top 8 advance to the main event.

(( 10 Minutes break ))

- 22h15 LCQ (4 Min + 1T) Top 4 advance to the main event.

(( 10 Minutes break ))

- 22h30 Main Event. 15 Min + 1T (250) // 20 Min + 1T (450)

- 23h00 End of the night and results available.

Race day servers explained

As MX Bikes isn't yet optimized for a Supercross event, we will need to switch from servers quite often during the night. When the sign ups are closed, we will split the players on 2 or 3 different practice servers. You can find your group on this page.

After the qualifying practice, you will have to join the HEAT dedicated server. One for the 250 and one for the 450.

After the heats, same, join the LCQ server for the non-qualified riders.

Then, the MAIN EVENT server will be available (One for the 250 and one for the 450).

The 250 and 450 will ride in parallel all night long on different servers.

Season calendar

January 22nd, Houston 1
January 29th, Houston 2
February 5th, Houston 3
February 12th, Indianapolis 1
February 19th, Indianapolis 2
February 26th, Indianapolis 3
March 5th, Orlando 1
March 12th, Orlando 2
March 19th, Daytona
March 26th, Arlington 1
April 2nd, Arlington 2
April 9th, Arlington 3
April 16th, Atlanta 1
April 23rd, Atlanta 2
April 30th, Atlanta 3
May 7th, Salt Lake City 1
May 14th, Salt Lake City 2


- Keep the racing clean and respectful. Any dirty racing will be sanctioned, please refer to the sanction section below for more details.
- The holeshot line is after the first turn, consider braking before striking all riders. Any really stupid behave at the start will be sanctioned.
- Don't ride the wrong way, never. Practice, Qualification or races. Just don't. Any stupid behave will be sanctioned.
- Don't cut the track.
- If you crash or exit the track, please check if you can re enter without causing another crash.
- If you are lapped, let the main line free. Do not try to pass a rider who lapped you. Respect blue flags.
- Don't use the chat to blame nor trash talk. Any insult will be sanctioned imediatly by a DSQ.
- Respect admins and moderators decisions. If they are not here for you, there is no race.
- No race restart unless there is 2 or more jumpstarts bugs.
- No race restart during midrace.


- If you don't respect the rules, you will be warned once, then twice.
- From the third warning upon the same series, you will be banned a certain time depending on your acts.
- If you want to report someone for any rule transgression, please provide an evidence to the hoster of the series. He and only will judge.

Niko Mouk

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good luck guys! im impressed with how well setup and professional this whole thing is. not nearly good enough to compete myself, but looking forward to seeing the results :D


signed up and now i get not whitelisted, great.


January 23, 2021, 12:31:02 AM #6 Last Edit: January 23, 2021, 12:50:18 AM by 797racing
whoooho qualified with place 16 for the main. Get shown on list but cant join the 450 main server. "NOT WHITELISTED" !!!!

awesome event was fun but not being able to ride in the main event due to a mistake was a real sleep in the face.

i am 100% sure the mistake was not on my side. We need a chat or voicechat if someone has something like that.


797 racing i'm sorry to learn about that. I just verified and it seems to be on us. Thanks for the feedback, we are looking to fix it. Don't hesitate to message me next Time on discord

Niko Mouk

Hey ! If you like my work, you can 💰 donate on Paypal, thank you !


January 30, 2021, 10:24:54 PM #10 Last Edit: January 30, 2021, 10:27:28 PM by MrRipper
yeah i am going to join my practice and NOT WHITELISTED comes up?