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SimRaces Fantasy

Started by thisisdef, May 13, 2015, 04:26:17 AM

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What is SimRaces Fantasy?
SimRaces Fantasy is actually racefactorygaming.com (rF) Fantasy. Every week you can make picks like you would for normal fantasy sport sites, but for MX Simulator.

What rF series are available?
Any rF series is added to play fantasy!

Is it free?
Of course it's free!

Does my old SimRaces account still exist?
Any old SimRaces accounts do not exist anymore. The new fantasy site handles logins completely different. Please make a new account to enjoy the site!

How does the points system work?
Every week you get to pick the top 6 per class in a race. If you make the correct guess then you will receive points.
Points are as follows:
1. 25 points
2. 22 points
3. 20 points
4. 18 points
5. 17 points
6. 16 points

Why a fantasy site?
A fantasy site for MX Simulator adds to the community. People who own the game can participate in rF races and the fantasy site. People who do not own the game will be able to play fantasy without having to own the game. SimRaces Fantasy should also benefit official rF live streams for fantasy users looking to watch their picks/ riders race.

SimRaces Fantasy: http://www.simraces.com
SimRaces Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SimRaces
RaceFactoryGaming: http://www.racefactorygaming.com
Quote from: PiBoSoIt's actually an ambitious project, and at some point, hopefully sooner than later, it will show its full potential.