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Less grip rolling offline

Started by Adalgood, March 06, 2016, 02:44:38 PM

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why when I run offline I have a lot less grip on all circuits ??
I am running online in Forest times of 0:48.1 and Offline is impossible to lose 0:52.0.
Also the third person camera bounces oddly

someone else with him?


funny i thought the exact same, i find it alot harder to ride offline. plus i noticed my game crashes more offline, im certain its the derformation.
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For me it is impossible to run offline, I fall a lot more than the bike and the earth seems like rougher. It's very strange


I guess its because offline the deformation  is constantly  at work and most of the servers have it disabled to prevent game crashes.
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Stout Johnson

Quote from: Adalgood on March 06, 2016, 03:54:37 PM
For me it is impossible to run offline, I fall a lot more than the bike and the earth seems like rougher. It's very strange

Like gdubmx said, it is connected to the deformation (which is turned off for better online stability on most servers). With deformation on in offline training, there is a tendency for somewhat "sharp edges" in the terrain, if you happen to take similar lines each lap (which is most common as there is an ideal racing line). I noticed that too, especially on "Holjes" with the pre-defined track deformation which seems to be loaded as default. On the long straight (sort of straight) there is a predefined deformed path, and if I run along this path the bike is very vulnerable to leaning which easily results in falls. I think it is due to the somehow "sharp edges" in the terrain deformation. Maybe it should be a bit more smooth like in real life. In reality, there is always some loose soil that is falling back in the furrow and makes it less edgy.


You can disable deformation offline by adding a deform value to your profile settings. I can't remember what right now and am on my phone but you can find it in the documentation forum.


thanks guys I'll see if I can disable deformation


thanks thanks thanks!! Now if I can shoot well offline


Quote from: geofanatec on March 06, 2016, 05:32:51 PM
Wish deformation worked online as it would be awesome getting all rutted up.

It is definitely bumpier and slicker with it, however not impossible. I run same times offline (quicker actually) as I do online.

Got about a 100 lap rut going on forest right now, lol. Getting deep, but good fun
would love to see how it looks!


i had my server up with erode on the track forest for a hour or so, had a good 3-4 people in it on and off throughout that time, its rare we get game crashes with erode on on the stock tracks that come with the game, but on custom tracks i kept crashing every 6-12 minutes. its alot of fun with erode on till ruts get developed on takeoffs that lead off the side of the track thats hard to miss so everyone jumps off the side of the triple every other lap. but it seems to be the same online/offline with grip, it has to be the deformation giving it the *slick* feel.


As far as custom tracks..don't we really only have access to 1 track that is setup proper for beta4? Am I mistaken that the beta 3 tracks work fine but the layers are wrong or not the same as b4?
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