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Resolute MXB Server Manager - v.1.5.32 (Update JAN 18, 2024)

Started by Resolute Kraken, November 08, 2020, 12:51:17 AM

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Resolute Kraken

v1.5.4 (03/03/2022)

  • Changes to track list build on start-up to fix some potential problems with large track lists and servers that are already running
  • Displaying track list build status messages
  • Changed color of status message progress bars

Resolute Kraken

v1.5.8 (03/10/2022)

  • Skipped a few version numbers while I tested fixes - so you didn't miss anything after 1.5.4
  • Various bug fixes
  • Bug fix for ban list not clearing
  • Changed ban list download to every 30 minutes and updating of running servers every 15 minutes
  • Changed ban list to store in local file to help when ban list host site is having problems
  • Removed feature to add friendly track names for locked PKZs from live timing.  There were cases where a server doesn't start properly and it would start as the first track in the track list - then the track list would be updated with incorrect name.
  • If you have duplicates in your track list, delete the file TrackList.json from your documents folder for the app.  Then restart the application to rebuild without the dups.

Resolute Kraken

v.1.5.9 (03/13/2022)

  • Fix for "Upgrade" message being shown multiple times if you didn't click one of the buttons the first time.
  • Bug fix when clicking "Quit" on the MXB Server console window directly - B17 giving different exit code - handling that.
  • Various bug fixes

Resolute Kraken

 v.1.5.10 (04/10/2022)

  • Fix for track list rebuild when files/folders modified in track mods folder.
  • Possible fix for application not opening after the splash screen.
  • Added option to not parse the friendly track names.  On some machines this could be very slow.
  • Changes track list load messages to show in status bar at bottom of screen instead of in busy indicator blocking the app while track list being updated.
  • Various bug fixes

Resolute Kraken

v.1.5.11 (06/12/2022)

  • Fix for server key reset on localhost
  • Fix for track list not showing on first install after setting mods path

Resolute Kraken

1.5.12 (06/13/2022)

- Fix for automated server restarts

Resolute Kraken

1.5.19 (11/13/2022)

  • B18: Bike reset option in Race tab
  • B18: Track shuffle option in Event tab
  • Added link to license portal on license menu
  • Localized all drop down lists

Resolute Kraken

v1.5.22 (12/21/2022)

  • Update for B18c - Allowed player (white list) force player to spectator mode on join.

Resolute Kraken

v1.5.23 (12/29/2022)

  • Fix for Spectator value import from Piboso file format
  • Updated user manual for player list imports
  • Update user manual for how to use GUID locked tracks

Resolute Kraken

v1.5.27 (03/03/2023)

  • New feature for Collisions Max Ping (Race Tab)
  • Fix for remote admin Qualify button enable

Resolute Kraken

v1.5.28 released
- Beta 18e live timing format change update


My server manager isn't working at all. No connection to anything. I have the pro license. In fact, I have two, since I purchased one for a different PC that took a dookie when my track builder gave me issues and needed to buy another PC.

Can't message in discord group bc it wont let me join for some reason. Just want to get this working since I paid money for the full version.