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Resolute MXB Server Manager - v.1.5.32 (Update JAN 18, 2024)

Started by Resolute Kraken, November 08, 2020, 12:51:17 AM

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Resolute Kraken

Quote from: Scrallex on October 19, 2023, 11:13:59 PMMy server manager isn't working at all. No connection to anything. I have the pro license. In fact, I have two, since I purchased one for a different PC that took a dookie when my track builder gave me issues and needed to buy another PC.

Can't message in discord group bc it wont let me join for some reason. Just want to get this working since I paid money for the full version.

Check the user manual - trouble shooting section.

Resolute Kraken

1.5.30 (11/22/2022)

  • Add scroll bars to Automation tab
  • Fixed flow direction of switches on Automation tab
  • Added expander to "Connection Info" section
  • Changed File Cleanup max to 9999 days
  • Update server name word filter
  • Fix for straight rhythm category parsing

Resolute Kraken

v.1.5.31 (12/20/2023)

  • Added 2 new anti-cheat options to the "Hardcore" tab
  • These are on by default - if a player has modified their particles or tear-off effects, they will be ejected from the server.
  • If you want to allow this type of "cheating" then turn the options off.

Resolute Kraken

v.1.5.32 (01/18/2024)

  • Added Hardcore option "Force Lean Help" for beta 18J