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BikeEd and EngnEd suggestions

Started by Asdrael, February 09, 2017, 10:25:43 AM

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February 09, 2017, 10:25:43 AM Last Edit: February 13, 2017, 03:58:17 PM by Asdrael
After spending way too much time on BikeEd and EngnEd, I found a few features that would have made the process easier and way faster.

- BikeEd and Engn: Ability to chose my background image and recenter it.
          I just want to be able to put the stock picture/Dyno of the bike I am working on as background for alingment purposes. Would speed things up 5x for the geom, 2x for the engine.
- BikeEd: An additional "cursor" to move the entire rear geometry at once, even the parts linked to the chassis (like RSusp Upper).
          Makes no sense in terms of mechanics, but that would be a killer to adjust wheelbase when the rest of the geometry is on point.
- BikeEd: a potential modifier key to move ONLY one cursor, without the other ones attached to it. Example: ctrl-click rod moves ONLY the rod. (or is this impossible currently? Not sure it is because I can move the rod, then move the other way RSusp lower and I acheive the same thing it just takes more time).

Medium Importance
- BikeEd: Have more parameters in the information section of BikeEd: linkage rod arm length for example and ideally, move this information to the "Test" window along with the rear shock graph.
- BikeEd: An estimate on the weight repartition between front and rear.
- BikeEd: A sag test would be great.

Low importance
- BikeEd and EngnEd: resizer graph/cursors andchange their color, or change the color of the background. Stuff is hard to read at my age ;)

Great work though, they are very flexible and you can reach pretty good results, but it's sometime unecessarily painful to do so.
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February 12, 2017, 09:44:50 PM #1 Last Edit: February 13, 2017, 03:42:59 PM by Asdrael
I need to add to that - it's going to be for BikeEd but has an impact in game.

Could we have an extra Rider cursor? The current green one we have is the center mass that moves around when you move around your rider lean. It works best when centered around the middle of the bike or its center of gravity (50%front 50% rear). It simply gives you the range of movement you'd expect IRL. However, this gives crappy sag values and it become impossible to setup the bike.

Suggestion: add a "Rider Sag" cursor that defines where the mass of the rider is when in game in the garage testing your settings. This would be more 60% toward the rear.

When trying it out, it gives great sag values, but then the rider doesn't go forward enough when you move him so the front end goes way high all the time.


This is a sag measurement position, sitting on the seat curve with a straight back:

This is a neutral riding position:

naah, just kidding. Looks more like this tho:

Which is significantly more forward than the sag measurement position (should have your own center of gravity above the bike's center of gravity).
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