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MX Bikes beta15d available! :)

OEM pack - Master Thread - MegaBraap! (v0.15.1)

Started by Asdrael, November 05, 2017, 09:16:34 PM

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Thanks for the feedback! I am not sure why some people don't get it working, as most do... probably a corrupted file issue, not much I can do about it sadly.
Quote from: BadStar on November 11, 2017, 03:50:54 AMIs it just me or do they rip trenches compared to stock tyres?!  Deform much faster rate?
They could deform terrain at a faster rate considering the parameters that changed (grip stayed the same, but they "move more dirt" if I understand parameters correctly). I know terrain deformation depends on the pressure applied by the bike on the surface, but I'm not sure the details of the tyre interaction have an influence on that. I could test it, but I don't really care at that stage :p

Also, thanks to Paco, I noticed pretty much all models have the rider hands a tad too low and too far back (like 5-10 cm). They were pretty much spot on at the last beta, so I guess the rider moved? Anyhow, very very minor so not worth the hassle to update the pack just for that. I'll update if/when I find something more significant to change.
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Oh, tbh.. I think the deform rate is more realistic with the mx52's..  If I ride a real bike hard through my yard, I instantly see a track, justlike the mx52.. so to me its spot on instead of seeing deform after a couple runs.
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I would enjoy some more feedback - in particular on the tyres - as I might come up with an update soonish.
So far, TODO list:
  • Reposition hands
  • Look into making the rev limiter harder to hit
  • Touch up grip front and rear
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Personally on the tyres, if the lateral grip could be upped very slightly it would allow for flatter powerslides. I do think grip in a straight line is pretty much spot on though.

However, front tyre grip needs a steroid injection!


So you mean front could use more grip in all directions, rear mostly lateral right?

So you can do this? :p

(both front and rear are sliding in this picture).
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The rear has amazing lateral grip in corners with berms or a big bowl/sweep, but when on flat it isn't great. I think it would be great if it could have a similar level of grip on flat.

The front tyre just seems weak in all directions.. Way too easy to wash out early and even tpugh to maintain a slide when it does go..


everyone, just ride in a straight line in the pits pull back on lean and just pull front brake. insta=death
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Should have a new version coming today or tomorrow.
- better front behaviour
- rear sliding is more progressive in all directions
- in air behaviour improved
- hand positions fixed
- a surprise :p

- Colateral fix: rev limiter is more natural.
- Issue I can't do anything about (afaik): losing the front end tends to lock the direction, making it impossible to bring it back. Trust me, I tried a lot of things but I just can't figure it out.
- limitation I'm putting: tyres should be the same for all bikes (I know 125 and some 250f have a thinner rear tyre, but a common 250f mod is to put a larger rear tyre + any new tyre geometry double the amount of work I have to put in... and it's like 20 hours per new release already).

I'll keep testing today on all bikes to make sure I haven't missed anything. Now is your large chance to remind me of anything I could have forgotten or give late feedback on 0.7.2.
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November 25, 2017, 11:17:58 PM #98 Last Edit: November 25, 2017, 11:55:01 PM by Asdrael
OEM pack 0.7.3. update: 25/11/2017

Download this pack from GoogleDrive: https://drive.google.com/open?id=10W8dnDsSlBrt2AwzkTGGYC52o7Fw0Wn2 . Unzip and put n your MXB directory, it contains bikes (pkz format) and tyres (also pkz format). You should end up with .../MXBikes/bikes/listofallbikesfolder and .../MXBikes/tyres/p_mx_OEM.

Alternativeyl keep it all up to date using SyncBack, provided by Bj Slice: http://forum.mx-bikes.com/index.php?topic=1993.0 - should be good to go now!
Change log: v0.7.3 – 25/11/2017
  • New tyres: MX52 for medium-hard terrain, MX3S for medium-soft terrain (revised compared to previous versions). Stock tyres still available.
  • Should be a bit easier to whip.
  • Rider hands should now properly grip the bars.
  • Rev limiter should be harder to hit consistently as long as the rear wheel is on the ground.

    Overall: Expect to be able to push more and not feel like you are riding on thin ice. Feedback welcome, might have been overboard with this. Adapt the tyres to the surface. 'Soft soil' should let the rear move, 'soil' be what you'd call ideal grip, 'compact soil' should have be less forgiving when sliding, and 'sand' should feel like sand that has been prep'ed and a bit compacted.
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November 26, 2017, 12:16:06 AM #101 Last Edit: November 26, 2017, 12:19:50 AM by Docfumi
Hi guys, question for Asdrael. Do I delete the old and add the new or can I just overwrite.
Thanks for the awesome mod BTW!!!  ;D ;D ;D

Please disregard post I got it sorted.
Again, Thanks for the mod
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November 26, 2017, 04:52:10 PM #102 Last Edit: November 26, 2017, 05:00:41 PM by loinen
I'm late with my feedback :) but wasnt sure that I could tell anything important.
And the only important thing is... THANK YOU! very. very. very. much! to Asdrael and everyone who helped him. I cant stay silent as a user of this work.

Now about this:
Quote from: Asdrael on November 25, 2017, 12:56:56 PM
- Issue I can't do anything about (afaik): losing the front end tends to lock the direction, making it impossible to bring it back. Trust me, I tried a lot of things but I just can't figure it out.

I'm not 100% sure what is meant but here are some thoughts on what I've noticed (I guess my catch is the same) with a sort of workaround for this. If I'm going through tiny bumps or a small rath (e.g. one on inside line in one of left corners on Winchester MXoN) and front end goes in the air for miliseconds and at the same time my lean stick is even under lowly angle or I'm doing slight left/right corrections (no braking at all), AI rider turns handlebars at full and doesn't allow return back causing random falls, happens to me very often. Did huge amount of tests on kx450/250f vs stock bikes and it looks like with OEM kawi it happens more often. dunno if I'm clear with my words at all but tried to describe as simple as possible. Anyways, if it's impossible to figure out in game files I'd like to give advice to those who suffer the same problem: in the places where you catch this bug do not lean or if you are under lean try to go back to full vertical state as fast as possible or lean in opposite direction for a moment, especially if you see AI rider starts turning handlebars. And yes, you should watch your front end and train reaction :)


Asdrael, I just downloaded the latest build and tried out my current favorite bike (the Husky FC250f) and it feels amazing. The back end feels a little more behaved which is nice when it starts to slip out, and the front feels way more controllable.

And the whips! Man it's so much smoother in the air!

Great job man! I look forward to using it more and getting a better feel for it.


Thanks for the feedback! Glad there has been some improvement.

Loinen, I'm aware of the problem you have. It has to do with suspensions not following terrain well enough (partly setup, partly suspension model), the direction input, and the fact that the front tyre has a tendency to lose traction and never get it back. I have been trying to find the parameter to change to allow the front tyre to regain grip once it starts sliding, but I failed. The rider tries to give a direction input with front wheel off the ground, turns handlebars, front wheel gets back on the ground with a wierd angle, loses traction, you'll never regain it. I think with a higher "direct lean" value, you have less problems though. But that's not really a solution, I agree.

What you could do as a bandaid fix:
- extract the bikename.cfg from the pkz and put it in the bike directory
- look for the linessteer
Mass = 11.5
InertiaBox = 0.3, 0.8, 0.1

range = -0.005, 0.001, 0.005
setting = 5

Lock = 45

spg0 = -150
spg1 = -2.5
sdg0 = -30
sdg1 = 0.25
sig0 = 0
sig1 = 0

KYaw = 10

KDamping0 = 6
KDamping1 = 0.15

- mess with values, probably starting with KDamping.
(delete this file from your folder again if you want to play online, otherwise you'll get a bike missmatch).

If anyone knows the value you have to change in the tyre model to allow it to regrip easier after a slide, let me know...
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