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February 23, 2024, 08:47:03 PM


MX Bikes beta18j available! :)

OEM pack - Master Thread - MegaBraap! (v0.15.1)

Started by Asdrael, November 05, 2017, 09:16:34 PM

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Thanks so much to all you guys. I love these bikes and what this pack means to the community. I know I'm one of the modders of this pack, but my RM and Alta wouldn't be the same without the OEM treatment!


Thanks for everything guys, it has be really painfull to wait for so long, but i know it's for the good cause!

Keep it up in that way!



Thanks everyone who helped in any way!


Finally the baby's here!
Was a great fun and time working together with you. And thanks to everyone else who made it all happen!

Make sure to leave your feedback, we'll try to sort out everything we can. Have a good one :)

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I need help everytime I load in online it keeps saying bike mismatch and i just downlaoded the new oem pack


same I have that problem that and the only bikes that show up under oem mx1and 2 for me is alta and Yamaha non of the new bikes show in menu


Delete all former OEM.
Download the new pack.
Unzip into your mods folder.

If it doesn't work it's user error. So check that you don't have random stuff installed in the wrong places, download integrity etc.
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Thank you for this update!! I can finally rip that Yamaha around the track again!


I want to thank everyone for their contributions, you guys rock!  The 2 strokers I ran yesterday were just pure bliss:).


do we haffta redownload all the skins we had?


Excellent work fellas!  THANK YOU for bringing this content to the community.  You guys are saints for putting in so much effort to offer this to the community and honestly will probrably never know just how greatful many of us are... especially in the fact these 29 bikes came at no cost to the community! (unlike the DLC of platform games) so again. 


a quick question about paints though... will we be able to retain all the kick ass user created paints we've collected in the past?


You can reuse skins EXCEPT for the Kawasaki and Husky.
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so are the pkz files all the new bikes files as far as sounds engine and such?


The pkz ARE the bikes. All included. Don't touch those ;)
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