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September 26, 2020, 09:00:18 PM


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JNS47's Bike Fonts

Started by JNS47, May 10, 2020, 06:09:38 AM

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I've created some bike fonts.

first row are the shadow-black fonts in their various colors.
second row are the double-bordered-white, double-bordered-black, bordered-white, bordered-black, default-black and default-white fonts in this order.
third row are the shadow-white fonts in their various colors.

All the fonts are available in black and white and have a one-digit version (which is a bit bigger) and a two-digit version (3 digits are also possible in most cases, but it doesn't look perfect)
On some bikes the one-digit version even looks fine with more digits, but not on every bike. So go test it for yourself.

If you want to download the full pack, you can get it here:
Download all

if you want to download fonts separately (because it's 52 fonts in total, which is quite a bit scrolling), you can get it here:
Separate fonts

High-Res tga and png (feel free to use) files and some more images which I didn't want to post here because of their size are in the root folder here
(thanks to iNsane for making this nice background I used to make those screenshots there)

Sadly on the Yamaha the fonts act kinda weird, nothing I can do about it without shrinking the font, which I don't want to.
Let me know if you get any problems with downloading, installation or the fonts in general.


If anybody wants to make a Kit Font in the same style, go for it (I can provide you with my gimp project file if it helps, lol), I won't do it myself because it's just too much work adding 26 more characters of every style, even if they are pretty similar.

iNsane | WW

thanks, nice addition! Glad you figured it out :)

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CBM Racing

How did you add them to the game? I have a custom design everyone would probably like but right now they are just single digits in .psd they are replicas that are on all the Pro's bikes. I would like to put them into the game for everyone to use.


You should download one font and look at the files it has, makes it pretty much clear.

But I'll try to explain:
First of all you create a tga file with all the digits in the same image in one row. (0123456789) Every digit has to have the same width (so, if your image is 800px in width, every digits has a width of 80px). You shouldn't go too big, I'd recommend a height between 100px and max 160px, so it fits on the bike. Every digit should have ~2 free pixels on the left and the right, don't go too big on the gap as well.
(if every digit has 80px, you have ~2 free pixels on the left, 76px for your digit and ~2 free pixels on the right)

Then you create a folder for your font, you should use "_" instead of " ". In this folder you create a "<your_folder_name>.ini" with following content:
name = <font name ingame, can have whitespaces>

code = 0

Then create another file in this folder called "gfx.cfg", content (remove the "//" and the comments behind it in every row):
chassis_number //thats the sideplates
font = <file_name>.tga
fontstring = 0123456789
spacing = 70 //the width every digit has (your image width / 10)
posx = 60 //where to position the digits on the sideplates, x-coordinate
posy = 11 //where to position the digits on the sideplates, y-coordinate
steer_number //thats the frontplate
font = <file_name>.tga
fontstring = 0123456789
spacing = 70 //the width every digit has (your image width / 10)
posx = 30 //where to position the digits on the sideplates, x-coordinate
posy = 13 //where to position the digits on the sideplates, y-coordinate
You have to figure out, which positions and spacing fits your font.

Lastly drag your .tga file into the folder and move the folder into "<MX Bikes directory with .exe in it>/misc/fonts/", create misc and font folders if they are missing.

Open up your game and select the font, hf.